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Dear Dependable Kenny:

You’ve helped so many people, and I hope you can help me. I’ve been dating Jane (not her real name) the past 5 years. This past Christmas, she said she thought we should get engaged. I didn’t really want to, but I agreed.
I know she’s been true blue to me but I must admit I’ve dated three other women behind her back, including her best friend (Rinna).
I really would like to tell her that I’m not ready for marriage yet and admit to her that I’ve been unfaithful, especially with her friend. But I think this might result in a breakup in what’s been a very good friendship between the two women for a long time.
I’ve been intimate with all three women that I’ve dated recently and have to say that Rinna has given me the greatest pleasure. Should I tell Jane about the three women and how I feel about Rinna? Should I ask for the engagement ring back? Actually, I think I would like to give it to Rinna.

 Signed, Chad
A Very Confused Person

Dear Chad:

Your letter was one of the few I’ve received that truly confused me. I held your letter close to me so that I could pick up your vibrations, and I must tell you that the answer came through very clearly:  You are not ready for a permanent relationship today, tomorrow or perhaps ever.
Psychically I feel you still want to play the field, regardless of what you said about settling down with Rinna. However, I would be very truthful almost immediately with Jane. Tell her that you would like to date others to make sure you’re ready for marriage, and you wish she would do the same.
Don’t worry about the friendship between Rinna and Jane. My psychic feeling is that this friendship is not as solid as you think or Rinna would never have dated you when she knows how her friend feels about you.
Under?no?circumstances should you ask for the ring back or accept it if she offers it. You gave it to her and she felt you really loved her. The vibrations on your letter tell me you don’t love her, and it’s in the best interest of any woman to not become committed to you.
Let’s hope that in the course of your dating others you will find someone where both of you can be true to each other. When you find that woman, make contact with me because my partner and I perform enchanting weddings. All the weddings thus far have been most successful, dating back as far as 20 years. But don’t rush into a marriage, Chad.

Dear Sweet Spirit Kenny:

I’m a 65-year-old woman and I fear I’m losing my mind. Before I call a psychiatrist or doctor I would like to get your spiritual vibration on what’s going on. I believe strongly in the spirit world and your love of what you do. 
On three different nights I’ve come home from work and had something strange occur. On the first night, all the lights in the house were on when I got home. Now I live alone, and no one else has a key. So I’m bewildered. I had to sit down and relax a moment after I walked in. I sat at my table to relax and there was a picture of my late husband on the table. I know I didn’t put it there. I keep it in a drawer next to my bed.
Fear entered my heart, and I tried to look around the house to see if anyone was hiding. Thankfully the house was empty.
Two nights later when I came home a coffee cup was on the table, half-filled. I know I took the cup off the table and washed it before I left for work.
Then over last weekend, I went shopping with a girlfriend. She’s also involved with spiritualism and a strong believer. When we came back from shopping we were fixing dinner. All of a sudden three of the gas burners were turned off while we were using them.
I screamed “Do you see what I’ve been telling you?” She put an arm around me and said, “Let’s sit down and be quiet and listen to see if any spirit comes through.”
We sat with our eyes closed, holding hands, and asked the good spirits to please come in. We both heard a whisper, and we knew it was the sound of my mother’s voice. She passed away nine years ago.
The voice said something like, “It’s me, Mom. It’s only me and Frank.” (That’s my late husband). My friend and I looked at each other, smiled and said, “Welcome, Sweet Spirits! That’s what Kenny Kingston would say!”
We put our aprons on and went back to the stove after a while. The burners worked fine. We both thanked the spirits for coming to us. 
Kenny – what is your opinion? Do I need to see a doctor or could this all really be happening from the spirit world?


Dear Sweet Spirit Helen:

I think it is more than natural for a loved one to come in by the ways you have described. They’re trying to attract your attention. As we say in Spirit Land, they’re communicating with you by omens or apports – such as moving the photo or coffee cup.
By all means consult your doctor for a physical to put your mind at ease, but I’m sure he will tell you you’re in fine physical and mental condition.
Next time, try talking to your loved ones when lights go on or objects are moved. Simply tell them you love them and know they’re around you. Ask them to knock once or twice as a code – once for yes, twice for no, for example. Then ask them a question and see if you can’t have a conversation with these dear ones. With time and patience I feel your fear will disappear and you’ll truly enjoy these visits.

Personally handwrite a letter to Kenny, seal and mail it yourself, then look for his answer in a future issue. Send your question to Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614.  For more information on Kenny Kingston, visit

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