Do you remember the music of your life?

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Recreate musical memories with Feef Mooney’s ‘Music for Life Coaching’

If you have seen the award-winning animated Disney movie, Coco, you know that it is only the forgotten song a little boy sings to his grandmother that reawakens her memories of her father. Music has that power. It moves and connects us beyond our everyday conversational world.

What are the songs that make up the music of your life? Could you list them? Can you play and sing them? Would you like to make collecting this music a project you could share with friends and family?

Feef Mooney’s “Music for Life Coaching” specializes in connecting adults with the music that is important to them. “Music is the language of the soul,” reflects Mooney. “It is what inspires and moves us, and helps us to connect our own life stories.”

With Feef, you can learn to play guitar, piano, or just to sing. You can organize your songs, even record them. You can create your own songbook, which you can share with others at parties and family occasions. Your choice of music is part of your legacy. It is never too late to dedicate yourself to a craft that can bring joy and healing—connectedness—to your life.

All sessions are one-on-one and specifically tailored to your needs. As you recreate your musical memories, you will feel your life history reawaken.

Call Feef for a free consultation to see how you can develop your own music, or visit her website. There is nothing to lose, and so much to celebrate!

Contact Feef Mooney at (818) 487-0608. Also visit to learn more.


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