Do Your Skin a Favor: Have It Examined By an Expert


By Anna Gossett Johnson

Norman Brooks, M.D.

Norman Brooks, M.D.

Since May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month, finding an expert may be just as easy as discovering the services of Dr. Norman A. Brooks. A highly skilled and experienced skin cancer expert, he also qualifies as a Board-Certified Dermatologist, Pathologist, Mohs Surgeon, and is the Director of the Skin Cancer Medical Center in Encino.

While a diagnosis of melanoma can be overwhelming and upsetting, Dr. Brooks believes that chances of a cure “are favorable if caught early and treated competently.” Therefore, it is necessary that every person know the preventative methods and existing practices available to combat this disease.

Preventative Methods: Only a doctor can diagnose skin cancer and a yearly examination is nothing to ignore. In a recent article, Dr. Brooks states, “Currently in the United States, on average, one person dies of melanoma every hour.” In addition to a yearly examination, there are easy preventative steps to consider. Brooks says, “It is as simple as doing a self-check of your skin once a month with a hand-held and full-length mirror: front and back.” At all costs, whether working or playing outdoors, everyone must “remember to cover up, use sun-screen with SPF 30 or higher, and avoid burning your skin.”

Existing Practices: As a highly experienced, Mohs-trained surgeon, Dr. Brooks’ knowledge and skill have benefited many patients. Developed by Dr. Frederic Mohs, this ground-breaking surgery is most often used to remove high risk cancers. The Skin Cancer Foundation Journal stated that “Mohs surgery has the highest success rate of all skin cancer treatments.” Using this technique removes cancerous tissue with the least impact on healthy surrounding tissue, thereby reducing the size of the scar and providing the best possible outcome.

Dr. Norman A. Brooks, Skin Cancer Medical Center, is located at 16311 Ventura Blvd., Suite 690, in Encino. For more information call (818) 907-8144, or visit


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