Doctor Who Invades Los Angeles at LAX – It’s Called “Gallifrey One”


By Lorenzo Marchessi

Lorenzo Marchessi and Sylvester McCoy at Gallifrey One 24.

Lorenzo Marchessi and Sylvester McCoy at Gallifrey One 24.

Over four thousand people from over 22 countries converged on the LAX Marriott hotel this month for the Annual Gallifrey One convention. What is Gallifrey One? For 24 years it has been a massive celebration of the British TV series Doctor Who. Starting back in November of 1963, the show has run for decades with a unique plot point that allows the series and the same “character” to exist for 50 years on BBC 1!

“The Doctor,” as he is called, regenerates into a new persona or ‘look’ but remains the same character. When does this happen? When the actor (or the BBC) decides he wants to give up the role, thus allowing eleven actors to play the role for the past five decades. (Twelve if you count the two feature films made by Peter Cushing completely independent of the series itself!) His mission is to travel in Time and Space to correct wrongs, and with his time machine the TARDIS, he has saved Earth and humankind more than a dozen times!

This year we received a visit from the seventh Doctor himself Sylvester McCoy! Sylvester did his run as the Doctor from 1987 to 1989 and can now be seen in the Peter Jackson film The Hobbit as Radagast. He gave two wonderful audiences a real treat. He climbed into the audience to give praise, hugs, and answer a myriad of questions about his Doctor Who history and adventures. Sylvester was charming, witty, and, above all, VERY funny. He had the audience in stitches for just over an hour!

There were costumes of all kinds and kids from 1 to 89 years old were dressed up in their favorite Doctor (remember there are 11 of them to choose from), monsters, aliens, zombies, and more. If you are interested in attending this annual event check them out at


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