Dodger and the Dodgers


I want to Talk about the Los Angeles Dodgers and a Dodger Dog that is so good, he doesn’t even need a bun … you just want to eat him up!

Dodger, an official Guide Dogs of America’s puppy in training, is sponsored by the Dodger Dream Foundation and General Manager Ned Colletti. Here he is on the Field at Dodger Stadium.

DODGER THE DOG: His name is no coincidence. Dodger is a puppy in training for Guide Dogs of America, sponsored by the Dodger Dream Foundation and General Manager Ned Colletti. He attended Dodger games with his Puppy Sitter, Sheri Lawrence, who says, “Being a volunteer GDA puppy sitter is our small way of showing our gratitude and saying thank you for the best gift ever received – my husband Adam’s loyal guide dog Escort.”

Besides being President of Tylie Jones Associates, Sheri Lawrence is a full time cheerleader for Guide Dogs of America. Why is that? Let me tell you in a nutshell. Sheri’s husband Adam (David’s son) totally lost his sight around ten years ago from Retinitis Pigmentosa. After several years of using the white stick, learning Braille, and discovering computer technology to run the family affairs, he found Guide Dogs of America. Adam met the criteria, went into the training program, and graduated with his dog Escort. Sheri and Adam are now strong advocates for GDA and have a unique role in the program. They doggy-sit for official Puppy Raisers, and helps them go on vacation or tend to unexpected emergencies.

Dodger, a big Dodger fan, is seen attending a recent game.

One of those lucky dogs is Dodger, who is now in high gear training at GDA to become a guide dog, and then be matched with his blind person. They will finish the training together and become more than family, partners really. Having attended a touching Graduation Ceremony, it’s like nothing else. Full of love and new attachment for the new owner, and the courageous relinquishing love from the Puppy Raisers. Such a gift to humanity. When you see people with a dog wearing a little yellow jacket, feel heartened. Maybe join the effort? Please pass on the word on how to become a Puppy Trainer. For information, call or Google Guide Dogs of America.

The Dodgers did.

THE HUMAN DODGERS: Recently Sheri took me to Dodgers Stadium. She is a supreme Dodger Fan (with a capitol F!) and gratefully pointed out the many improvements that the new owners have brought to the fans. They seem to rightfully appreciate the fans and have food stands all around the stadium with no long lines or long walks to get your Dodger Dog, Garlic Fries, rational salads, kosher food, and of course, peanuts. The bathrooms are close, classy, and even have Dyson hand dryers. The parking is cheaper! (The players are expensive.) Sheri is thrilled with the aggressive tactics the ownership is displaying by getting this great and now greater team. And Vin Scully (84 glowing years old) is “feeling revitalized by the new owners” and will return to the Broadcast Booth next season.

For me, it was fun to holler and woohoo in the unified company of L.A. folks. In a driving town, it’s special to be in a situation surrounded by other Angelinos that you can see and interact with. Dodger Stadium’s public is all on the same page. Baseball! Go Dodgers. Universal energy. And now, new owners are the good guys, givers instead of takers. Magic Johnson! Peter Guber and the other business/entertainment savvy gents are on a roll and if all the spending annoys anyone, it’s not against the rules, so lump it.

And remember, this organization also spends for the public good. Like sponsoring Guide Dogs.

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