Dog Lovers: Here’s the Who, What, When, Where, Why, & How


By Valli Aman, abcdt

T08-05-EDIT-Ask ValliI am happy to be a certified dog trainer and I love the practice. I’ve been able to be creative about my methods, taking the nouveaux and combining it with my education, experience, and the hundreds of dogs that I’ve learned from. Many trainers just “fall into it” as they are raised around dogs as they grow up and this is their claim to knowledge. When you think about it though, you may have had dogs when your children were growing up and who took care of them? You did! So how much did they learn? Of course there are some cases a trainer has a natural talent.

Because there are so many dog-related variables I wanted to list a few things for you to consider as you seek answers to questions about your dog, and with locating someone to help you with him or her:

  • The Who is You!
  • What is You and Your Dog’s relationship.
  • When is your Timing. Should you own a dog now or wait?
  • Where is the Vision of what you’d like to do with your dog and your physical capability of doing those things?
  • The Why is because you truly want to learn more about love, understanding, and patience.
  • How is learning to evaluate dog services effectively in your best interest and on behalf of your best friend. For trainer interviews, judge wisely and ask appropriate questions; find out how they became interested in pet service and what they offer; what motivates them; what methods they use specifically, and check them for generosity of heart; their physical demeanor and whether the person is right for you and your pet long term, as knowing a trainer should be a relationship, someone you can always call on with questions after you are their client.

Our world is new in many ways and that includes our pet friends and the way we are with them. We no longer smack newspapers across the nose of “bad dogs.” We offer positive punishments like taking away a prized toy, ignoring them for five minutes, or saying “uh-uh.” Use your head and your heart and your decisions will be the right ones, including the idea of having someone make short work of training your dog for impulse control which is really what “sit and stay” is all about.

Never choose any pet-related service with someone who just doesn’t seem quite right to your sensibility. Your intuition knows if you are in the right place or not or with the right people, so use your best sense to help make loving, brilliant choices you’ll feel proud of for all the years you have your best friend.

Love is love and isn’t that what sharing life with our pets is all about?

Please call me for more information or questions: Valli, (818) 785-0377

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