Don’t worry ladies, you won’t ‘bulk up’ if you strength train!

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By Sheila Melody, InForm Fitness Toluca Lake

We have a saying amongst the women at our studio: strong is the new skinny. We often hear the question from female clients: “Will I bulk up if I start strength training?” The simple answer is no.  In reality, genetics are the deciding factor in muscle size, and it’s actually quite uncommon for women to possess the genetic predisposition toward massive muscle size.

What women can achieve by strength training is a well-developed back and shoulders, improved posture, toned arms and legs and a nicely shaped booty!

…strong is the new skinny.

But most importantly, more muscle burns more calories.

The average woman loses approximately half a pound of muscle per year beginning in their mid-‘20’s due to a reduced metabolism created by a gradual loss of muscle. By the mid ‘40’s this adds up to a loss of 10 pounds of muscle and a gain of 20 pounds of fat on average.

If you desire a younger, more vibrant feminine body, you want more muscle, no matter what your age. For middle-aged and older clients we work to develop muscle to replace what has been lost and beyond. For younger clients, we work to preserve existing muscle and prevent fat storage. The goal is to fight, and oftentimes reverse, the effects of the aging process. Combined with a healthy diet and proper rest, HIT (high-intensity strength training) can help you achieve the body type you want. 

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