Doris Bergman Valentine/Oscar Lounge 2013


Doris Bergman is everyone’s Valentine. From the Oscar nominees who attend her events to the restaurant valet staff who just adore her.

From l, Raini Rodriguez, Doris Bergman, Kevin Eubanks, and Rico Rodriguez at Doris Bergman’s event.

From l, Raini Rodriguez, Doris Bergman, Kevin Eubanks, and Rico Rodriguez at Doris Bergman’s event.

Last week, Bergman’s Fifth Annual Valentine Romance Oscar Style Lounge drew an eclectic crowd. Held at La Boheme Café, it was sponsored by Qmadix and co-sponsored by Whitening Lightning and Nature’s Flavors. The event benefited Wednesday’s Child, a charity and weekly segment on KTTV Fox 11 News with anchor Christine Devine. She made sure her cameramen got the best shots with two of the foster kids, who were being treated as VIPs for the day.

No chauffeurs here! Oscar winner and oxygenarian Martin Landau drove himself in his maroon Mustang convertible. Sophia Milos left the bash only to find a flat tire on her gorgeous black Mercedes.

Upon arriving, Rosa Blasi (with friend Lisa Ann Walter) stopped to play with a random pup she found cute (being walked by its owner). Blasi got so much affection that her perfectly made-up face was derailed with slurps. The actress quickly got herself together for photographers.

Kevin Eubanks graciously gave us his new CD. Tabatha Coffee, Estella Warren, Obba Babbatunde, Deidre Hall, Ann Merin, Elizabeth De Razzo, Hal Sparks, Ken Davitan, Angeline Rose Troy, and Django Unchained’s Oscar nominated David Steen and Dennis Christopher attended. A Philly native, Christopher moved to NYC years ago. “I love New York for theater – both as a viewer and an actor.”

George Lopez’s ex, Anne, told us she is shopping her own talk show around. And why not? She learned from the best. William Shatner was expected, but came down with the bug that’s hit just about everyone. Best dressed male, Dr. Michael K. Obeng visited in-between surgical procedures.

Said Ali Rahini (with John Barle) of Monatelier, “We just designed a tux for style guru Michael O’Connor for the Globes.” But it was the women who receive the attention at this event; the guys brought gowns to loan actresses for Oscar night.

Modern Family’s Rico Rodriguez and sister Raini arrived after school. Oscar nominated Flight screenwriter, John Gatins was in the house.

Guests feasted on salmon, chicken, filet mignon, salad, veggies, pumpkin ravioli, and an array of desserts. Like a Jewish mama, Bergman makes sure everyone was well fed.

Said Landau, a voice in the animated Frankenweenie, “I just finished The Anna Nicole Smith Story (with Virginia Madsen). It was the first time I played older than myself! (He was referring to K. Howard Marshall, Smith’s husband.) “The guy was fascinating. Nobody knows that.”

Also in the house: Art Lewin & Co. Custom Clothiers, Lusciouss Jewelry, Twisted Silver®, Aditi Jewelry, Charlie Lapson, Dulcenea, Spongeables® LLC, My Spa Life, Pauline’s Peanut Brittle, Honest Tea, Caribbean Living Magazine sponsored celebrity vacations, Whirl-a-Style, Bon Bon Home, Kelly Nishimoto®, Undiepads, Lauren&Luca, Ollin Arm Candy, Traveler’s Choice & Pacific Gear, Handmade Hearts, Tequila Azul Imperial, KIND Snacks, Terox footwear, Kara Cham Jewelry, Carol Lynn Sweets Jewelry, and Bully Bling Energy Drink.

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