Dr. Mindy Dai of Valley Acupuncture and Herb Center Treats Pain Physically and Emotionally

Dr. Mindy Dai.

Dr. Mindy Dai.

At some point we, or someone we know, have experienced pain — whether acute, such as head-aches and muscle spasms, or chronic, such as pain from arthritis or back injuries. And though we often think of oral medications and injections as an appropriate panacea, it can often be difficult, at least initially, to accept alternative treatment methods. Combing years of experience rooted in Eastern and Western medicine, Dr. Mindy Dai has had extraordinary success in treating patients with a variety of ailments such as infertility, side effects from cancer treatment regimens, and neurological problems such as facial paralysis resulting from Bells Palsy. Through an array of alternative therapies like massage therapy, acupressure and herbology, as well as a variety of acupuncture techniques including traditional Chinese acupuncture, auricular acupuncture and scalp acupuncture, Dr. Dai is able to do more than mask painful symptoms.
Having earned both a medical degree and a master of medical science in medical imaging from Suzhou Medical College in China, as well as a master of science in Oriental medicine postdoctoral of medical imaging from the University of Southern California, Dr. Dai uses her diverse educational background and extensive work experience as an instructor at various universities in Los Angeles as well as considerable time working with neurologists, to tailor individual holistic treatments. “The diagnosis is very important,” states Dr. Dai, “because you have to know what the problem is.” Providing patients the opportunity to ask questions, Dr. Dai uses all available resources, such as imaging results of MRIs, CAT scans and x-rays and referral letters, during consultations to gain a clear understanding for the reason behind each visit. Taking the time to educating patients not only on the significance of their problems but offer suggestions on ways to improve their situations, Dr. Dai also provides referring doctors with detailed consult reports to aid in the success of the continuing care of all patients referred. In providing pain management, Dr. Dai is able to help patients overcome addictions to various prescription and over-the-counter pain medications.

Dr. Dai’s Valley Acupuncture and Herb Center is located at 2031 W. Alameda Ave. Suite 206, Burbank, CA 91506. All patients are welcomed and most insurance plans are accepted. For more information, visit her Web site www.drmindydai.com or call (818) 843-1558.


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