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“Dr. Tuli changed my life….” Stella Basham 11/1/10

Stella had been farsighted all her life. But her dense cataracts and degeneration nearly ended her eyesight. She urgently sought help. Most eye specialists she approached couldn’t guarantee success. Then she found Dr. Suhas Tuli.

She was different from the other doctors. She gave confidence and reassurance. Stella was cured. She can now see clearly – without glasses!

Dr. Tuli was different from the others. Her training was special. Her prestigious background prepared her for Stella’s dilemma. Dr. Tuli was soothing and reassuring. She chose a career in medicine “to be able to make a difference to people.” She specializes in the simplest to the most complicated varieties of cataract surgery, and has published in many books and journals. She has performed cataract surgeries in charitable eye camps, and has taught at USC at the prestigious Doheny Eye Institute.

Dr. Tuli has just opened her brand new office in Burbank. After working in the Burbank area for years, Dr. Tuli brings a new alternative to patients seeking the most up-to-date techniques in eye care. Trained at the prestigious Wilmer Eye Institute at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, Dr. Tuli is the only physician in the area trained to do a revolutionary new type of corneal transplant known as DSEK. Her mentors include the John Hopkins department chair Dr. Walter Stark, as well as Dr. Dimitri Azar, an ex-professor at Harvard.

A master of medical procedures ranging from LASIK to cataract surgery to specialty cornea problems, Dr. Tuli is a proponent of pain and anxiety-free treatments. Dr Tuli believes in giving options to her patients. With revolutionary premium lenses, Dr. Tuli can reduce most patients’ dependence on glasses. Dr. Tuli believes that for patients over 40 years of age, cataract replacement with premium lenses may be superior to LASIK, which invariably leads to loss of close-up vision.

Dr. Tuli’s expertise is always evolving. Modern technology has led Dr. Tuli to prefer the Crystallens. Because it is a monofocal lens it works similar to a natural lens, thus decreasing the side effects of glare and halos. Other lens options are Restor, Rezoom and Tecnis, which work great in well-selected patients. Dr. Tuli can determine which lens is best suited for your eye needs. Her modern facility is beautifully decorated and comfortable. In addition to having performed thousands of routine cataract surgeries, she has been ranked highly in a national survey on her work with the Crystallens. After working for others in the Burbank community for over six years, she has opened her own eye center, Tuli Eye Care Center at 2601 W. Alameda #206 in Burbank. For more information, call (818)845-2015.

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