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The E.E. Girls: Carolyn See, JJ, and Joan Weber, Edging Eighty, planning adventures.

The E.E. Girls: Carolyn See, JJ, and Joan Weber, Edging Eighty, planning adventures.

I want to Talk about my current obsession. Knowing that the next birthday will be a landmark occasion, edging 80 makes me feel like, besides being lucky, enjoying my stacks of stuff, having silly good times, and seeing many old friends and loving them to pieces.

And, a bunch of beyond 80’s performers are a sellout at the TV Academy, Ta ra ta da!

SAG AWARDS: Did I mention luck? This coming Sunday, I’m dressing fancy and heading for the SAG Awards; yep, I was drawn from the Lottery, so the winner is … Me!

I’ll still TiVo the show: Jan. 27, on TNT & TBS and you know I’ll be Talking about it.

THE E.E. GIRLS: A trio of friends since (Thomas Starr King Jr. High School) we were 11, we’re plotting our week at the Westin Maui on Kaanapali Beach. (It’s where I honeymooned and is a favorite place.) Us girls plan to experience joy, frisk in the Pacific, and just relax on our balcony and stare at the ocean knowing how blessed we are to be lifelong friends and to be Edging Eighty. It’s a heightened happiness all the way around as we can give and receive and elevate memories of distant kindness.

One of us has never been to Hawaii and the other two know that this is not right and we have to make Hawaii happen for her. So the Westin Maui is a microcosm of Hawaii as they have waterfowl and koi in a huge pond surrounded by plunging waterfalls, colorful parrots that we can chat with on the way to the beach that faces two islands with clouds that can only be on the Kaanapali shore.

So two of us will be blessed to see this paradise through new eyes. When we were children, one of us had an intact family with means. The other two from single mothers with limited means. Our, we thought very rich, friend brought skirts and sweaters to school for the other two so we could fit in and not look too scroungey. Now, in a lifelong reversal of fortune, the other two can express endless appreciation for perhaps, a gesture that gave us self-confidence and help us set our lofty goals, a gift that cannot be measured. Counting down….

And talking about old friends, five longtime pals are doing a panel about their great careers, and making being seniors look pretty superb!


RETIRE FROM SHOW BIZ: NO THANKS!: This is the title of a SOLD OUT show at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences. So save the date, Jan. 31, 6:30 to 8 p.m., and watch on the Internet on Emmys.com. Meet five successful actors who debuted when TV was brand new. Discover what it takes to keep working through decades of auditions, economic reversals, and new technologies. These wise and funny veterans share their perspectives on the power of perseverance.

Enjoy Kaye Ballard, Pat Carroll, Anne Jeffreys, Marvin Kaplan, and Charlotte Rae. Google them all and refresh your memory of their amazing careers. I recently had lunch with Charlotte (who is more elegant than any role she has played) and Anne (endlessly gorgeous and we both were in love with Nelson Eddy). Pat Carroll has always been so dear and so funny (we worked in The Danny Thomas Show and With Six You Get Eggroll. Kaye is a tumultuous talent and I’m bringing her a Life Magazine with her on the cover, 1954 (we worked together in The Doris Day Show). And Marvin was my boyfriend (in a play at the Players Ring) when I was 15. Wondrous times.

Currently, it’s been a freezing business outdoors; we’re trying to save my dwarf citrus trees, and (futile I fear) my plumerias. That’s life, the adventure continues …

We’ll Talk.

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