Electro-Acupuncture Treats Stroke Paralysis Effectively


By Cindy Ortiz

Photo by Lynne Tucker

Dr. Jeung Ho Choi.

Did you know that on average, 795,000 Americans suffer from a stroke every year? It is the fourth leading cause of death, according to the American Stroke Association.

The statistics are alarming and for stroke paralysis, specifically, there is only one direct way to treat it – electro-acupuncture. Compared to traditional acupuncture, “It is a lot more effective, works better, and is faster,” says Dr. Jeung Ho Choi, who practices electro-acupuncture at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center.

Dr. Choi says that in his 20 years-plus of experience in the field, he knows that paralyzed patients need this treatment to get off a wheelchair. There are 6.8 million American stroke survivors; 60 percent of them, however, are paralyzed.

If that number doesn’t amaze you, this might: “We have more and more stroke patients every year because people are getting obese at a younger age and they become diabetic,” Dr. Choi says. The diabetes may eventually lead to a stroke. He mentioned that Americans in their 60s or 70s would be the average age to suffer a stroke, but now younger Americans are being affected.

The American Stroke Association, according to Dr. Choi, says stroke prevention consists of controlling blood pressure and blood cholesterol, treating heart disease and diabetes, and not smoking and continually exercising.

The procedure for a stroke paralysis patient starts with a physical and MRI exam for review. Then, needles with an electrical flow of 50-100 microampere are inserted to the acupuncture points. The stroke therapy takes about six weeks and patients are recommended for physical therapy to strengthen muscles, according to Dr. Choi’s website.

Dr. Choi has been practicing medicine and electro-acupuncture since 1983 at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center. He encourages the Burbank and surrounding communities to consider electro-acupuncture to treat stroke paralysis.

He is currently publishing his third textbook on electro-acupuncture, which talks about the history and philosophy behind the concept. “Acupuncture has its own philosophical framework. It’s a philosophy, not a science,” he says. In his book, he will also introduce the method to practitioners and tell them how to practice it.

Dr. Jeung Ho Choi’s office is located at 2701 W. Alameda Ave. #301 in Burbank. For more information about his practice, visit his website at jeunghochoimd.com or contact him at (818) 843-0653.

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