Eric McCormack, “The Concert I Never Gave… (except for, like, 2000 times in my bedroom)” at NoHo’s El Portal Theatre Oct. 12-13

Eric McCormack.

Eric McCormack.

“I’m going to give the concert I never gave,” says Eric McCormack, best known as the Emmy-winning star of the mega-hit comedy Will & Grace. Well, actually McCormack admits he did this dream concert, in his room as a teenager fantasizing about being a Rockstar. But now he’s making his wish come true by mounting “The Concert I Never Gave…(except for, like, 2000 times in my bedroom),” at the El Portal Theatre in North Hollywood. All proceeds benefit Stand Up to Cancer.

McCormack says he knew he’d be an actor, “it was a practical choice for me, but being a pop star was always my fantasy. Over the years I have sung at charity events, but I’ve always wanted to put together a full concert and tell some fun celebrity stories to go with the songs. So it just shaped itself into an evening of me revealing my inner Rockstar.”

McCormack is going to rock out with the help of Loren Gold, the amazing keyboard player for The Who. “It’s exciting. I’m doing great unknown songs by a lot of famous artists, because I was always a B-side guy. There’s an Elton John song that’s rarely heard, and a Billy Joel tune called ‘Summer Highland Falls.’ None of the songs are arbitrary. They matter to me and have great stories to go with them.”

There’s a song he wrote with Barry Manilow called “Living with Grace” for the Will & Grace CD. It should be a highlight, along with a Freddie Mercury and Queen number that was a major influence for him. “And I’ll have to do The Who’s ‘Quadrophenia’ with Loren Gold.”

He promises there will be a mix of surprises in the 90 minute celebration that has fun stories married to the music. “All songs will have context and describe some bucket list moments in my life,” enthuses McCormack. “I am celebrating the geeky kid that I was, and the fact that his dreams got to come true in ways beyond his wildest imagination.”

Go see Eric McCormack’s “The Concert I Never Gave….” at the El Portal Theatre, playing Saturday, Oct. 12, at 8 p.m., and Sunday, Oct. 13, at 7 p.m. Call for tickets (818) 508-4200, or online

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