Even Santa believes in music for life Maybe you know someone who would love a few music lessons

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By Feef Mooney, Music for Life Coaching

As the holiday season bestows itself upon us, we rush to gather gifts — gadgets, toys and stuff that we know our loved ones would never purchase for themselves.

This year, think about giving the gift of music!

 As it has often been said, the muse is that which inspires. The word “inspire” is closely related to“respire,” which refers to breath and to what is necessary for life itself.

Our philosophy at Music for Life Coaching is that every one has been born with a gift to express. Would you like to sing? Play an instrument? Maybe you know someone who would love a few music lessons. We offer guitar, ukulele, banjo, bass, piano and vocal lessons. And it is all about bringing out the artist in someone!

If you are thinking that this is an unwieldy and un affordable idea, think again. There are packages designed for everyone. A few lessons to get started?  A few months’ plan?  A year? We can make your musical gift what you would like it to be.

Let the muse inspire and the happiest of holidays to us all!

Email feefmooney@gmail.com or call (818)487-0608. Visit MusicForLifeCoaching.com as well as FeefMooney.com for more information. Do it soon!


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