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I want to Talk about seasonal and special events. Some expected, others inexorably unexpected. From awards, to fire trucks, we just never know …

SHEILA KUEHL: My choice for new LA County Supervisor.

SHEILA KUEHL: My choice for new LA County Supervisor.

OSCARS: The parties are over, and the show, of all award shows, capped a seemingly endless Award season. Toluca Lake’s eminent Leonard Maltin, who served as KTLA’s Media Expert, said it best: “If I hear one more word about these movies I’m going to scream!” He was discussing the intense competitiveness. Great publicists were going head to head bringing attention to their films. Leonard tells it likes he sees it, which is why we keep collecting his books on films. A personal note, his daughter Jessie was officially his Producer for this show. Smart KTLA! Jessie Maltin is a force of mythical nature, full of rainbows, unicorns, sparkle dust … with an intelligence and wit that makes us hold our breath to see what her blossoming future will offer. George Pennacchio, Studio City’s dapper entertainment reporter for KABC, wore a snappy bow tie made by his beautiful designer wife Erin. Talk about a dream team. Congratulations to our media district’s legendary publicist, Murray Weissman, for keeping the spotlight on Nebraska and The Wolf of Wall Street. If last Sundays Times piece on Leo (“The Last Movie Star”) had run before the deadline, it might have swayed some votes. (Much appreciation to Dorene and John Martin for sharing Oscar night.)

Leonard Maltin and his sparkling daughter Jessie working the Oscars for KTLA.

Leonard Maltin and his sparkling daughter Jessie working the Oscars for KTLA.

SHEILA AND THE SHEINBERGS: Sid and Lorraine Sheinberg, one of the great couples of the Entertainment Industry, are welcoming L.A. enthusiasts to an event at their Beverly Hills home on Tuesday, March 18 (5:30), for “WOMEN HOLD UP HALF THE SKY FOR SHEILA KEUHL.” I’m so pleased to be among a truckload of dedicated women hosting this celebration and would be very happy to see some of my Tolucan Times readers there. I’m taking good advantage of my columnist status, and fervently want you to know why supporting Sheila Kuehl for our next LA County Supervisor is so important! You will see for yourself what Sheila is about, and the meet some amazing people who know her worth. (Come on, have I ever carried on so much about a candidate in the decades I have written for this sweet paper?) For details or if you have any questions, or want to RSVP just call TAI Events at (310) 996-1188.

To know Sheila more, please visit On the homepage, at the top, there is a series of three sections. Don’t miss “My life in pictures.” Besides being adorable, it explains the trail of how and when she became such a dedicated and profoundly impressive leader.

As a native of Los Angeles for over 80 years, I’ve seen how it works. I’ve seen the changes, the stupid (streetcars) – and the fabulous (Music Center). And I know the difference between city and county government. And to supervise that governing takes a lot of Local and State knowhow. Sheila’s experience in the State Legislature will allow her to apply laws that she herself has passed. These are laws that make peoples life more livable.

You get the drift … it’s March now. The election is in June. And people have to know how imperative it is to show up and vote in this strangely timed election.

FUTURE EVENTS: Everyday life takes up a lot more time than it used to, but happy events keep coming our way. Doris Day’s 90th Birthday in Carmel is a few weeks away, and in May, the unexpected wonder of guesting on Crystal Cruise’s Doris Day Cruise. And soul satisfying lunches with girlfriends (we’ll always be girls!), keep weaving in. As our tee shirts say, “Life is Good.”

Next column, I’ll divulge the truth about my mortifying and unexpected false alarm …

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