Everyone Needs a Dose of Faith


As more of us face major challenges in our lives, from health to financial and everything in between, these changes in circumstances and/or conditions have left most of us feeling edgy and out of sorts. Just about everyone feels disconnected, discouraged or hopeless while still having to meet responsibilities and obligations. And though our lives appear to be unmanageable, we must keep moving forward.

But where does a person turn when overwhelming doubts creep in at a steady rate and our self-confidence diminishes at nearly the same rate? The answer can only come from a new found perspective and a deeper understanding beyond our current conditions and circumstances. We have to look inside ourselves and make sure our mental household is in order. Is our foundation strong and stable?

What we think and believe is our foundation in life. And it is our foundation that is the most important element to a stable home because our foundation must support our entire structure.

Science of Mind is a practical, natural way of life that provides a safe, loving and compassionate foundation for discovering the true, limitless potential within you. It offers an opportunity to expand your awareness of Truth and spiritual understanding as you travel the path of self-discovery.

We invite you to join us and experience the magnificent expression of your Spirit for yourself. Making the world a better place, spirit to spirit!

Sunday services are held at The Colony Theatre located at 555 3rd St. in Burbank. For more information, visit www.somspiritualcenterla.org.

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