Evil exists. It’s as real as goodness. It’s as common as Starbucks. Actually more so. Sometimes you have to drive several blocks to find another Starbucks location, you don’t have to go that far to find evil. Evil is as close as your own neighborhood, or closer. Evil can live right next door to you. For the last ten years, or maybe more, evil lived at 2207 Seymour Avenue, in Cleveland Ohio. That’s where three young women were held in captivity for ten years, forced to endure years of sexual abuse and beatings inside a rundown house on Cleveland’s west side.

The three young women were found alive along with a six year old child who was born to one of the captive women. A former assistant safety director for the city, said law enforcement officials told him that the women were beaten while pregnant, with unborn children not surviving, and that a dungeon of sorts with chains was in the home.

Police have arrested Ariel Castro, 52, the owner of the house and a former Cleveland school bus driver in connection with the alleged abductions. More than likely he has kidnapped and tortured many other girls through the years. This is pure evil; there is no other name for it.

Evil exists in Philadelphia too, where abortion doctor, Kermit Gosnell is charged with five counts of murder in the deaths of a patient and four babies allegedly born alive and then killed with scissors. It is legal in Pennsylvania to abort a fetus up to 24 weeks into a pregnancy. Dr. Gosnell also faces charges that he performed 24 abortions well beyond 24 weeks.

Judge Jeffrey Minehart told jurors that state law defines a live baby as one that is fully expelled from the mother and showing signs of life such as breathing, heart beat or movement. These jurors actually had to have someone explain to them what constitutes a living baby. Can you imagine? God in Heaven! What a time we live in!

These four babies were supposed to be aborted, but they didn’t cooperate with the late-term abortion and actually had the nerve to be born alive. They breathed, they survived, but then, prosecutors said, the good doctor deliberately severed their spinal cords. A doctor. Evil exists.

I’m angered when monsters like these get a pass from society by labeling them “sick.” Calling an evil act “sick” is marginalizing it. It also turns the monster who committed the act into a victim. It relieves him of personal responsibility. You see, it isn’t his fault that he did what he did because he’s sick. “Poor guy, he’s sick, you know. Can’t help himself.” A sickness can be cured, so let’s hospitalize the poor bastard and get him some treatment. “He isn’t really bad, he just needs proper medication. Once he’s rehabilitated he will become a productive member of society.”

Yes, there are some people who are really mentally deranged and commit horrible acts, I don’t deny that. Tucson killer Jared Lee Loughner and Colorado movie theater killer James Holmes are two that come to mind. I’m no doctor, but I think I’d be close in calling those two paranoid schizophrenic maniacs (or psycho killers for short). But I wouldn’t label the kidnapper and rapist in Cleveland as such and neither would I call the abortion doctor by that term. These people are not crazy lunatics that have gone off their meds, they are evil.

Would you call the Nazi SS murderers “sick?” There were thousands of Nazis that committed horrible atrocities and murdered innocent men, women, children, and babies. Were they all sick? The Soviet Union communists of the 20th Century killed and tortured millions. Was that a mental illness? Were the killing fields of Pol Pot something that might have been avoided with proper medication? What about the radical Islamic Jihadists? Are they all in need of medical attention? No, evil is what it is and evil it should be called.

In today’s world of instant gratification and quick and easy answers it is always tempting to look for a convenient, easy answer to an unspeakable horror. But guess what? Sometimes there are no easy answers. The unfortunate fact is, evil is as much a part of our world as anything else. We’ll never completely stop it from occurring but we have to face it honestly, head on, in order to deal with it. How do we do that? By calling evil by its proper name whenever it occurs.

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