Feef Mooney’s Music for Life Coaching helps you make music for the rest of your life

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Can you imagine a world without music? Even the birds sing!

You might find yourself with tunes in your head, like jingles you find yourself humming when you need to focus or calm down. As we were born listening to a heartbeat, so we move in rhythm every day; some would say our very breath is musical.

Many believe they are “not talented” and may wish to sing or learn an instrument, but feel intimidated. Music doesn’t belong to any particular age group, nor can we confine our need for it to talent shows and people we are told are exceptional.

Feef Mooney’s Music for Life Coaching exists to encourage music in those who crave but fear approaching the task of learning. With gentle encouragement and individualized goals, Mooney befriends her clients and works on a solely one-to-one basis. Now you can learn to play guitar, piano, sing, or even record your music. You will be supported and feel focused to learn and achieve, so that you can share music with friends, family and colleagues.

“No one is really self-taught,” comments Mooney. “Music is a social art. We learn by listening and trusting, as we each find our own unique talents,” she says.

Email Feef Mooney at happmus@roadrunner.com or call (818) 487-0608. Also visit MusicForLifeCoaching.com for more information.  


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