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Melinda Utal-Martinez, CHT.

Melinda Utal-Martinez, CHT.

Hypnosis and energy psychology techniques, such as EFT, deserve serious consideration when people want to transform emotional, physical or spiritual problems.
Find Your True Self is a private practice based in Toluca Lake that offers clients both techniques as well as HypnoCoaching™. “Hypnosis and EFT are like doors that let us in to work on [the]problem,” explains Melinda Utal-Martinez, certified hypnotherapist, HypnoCoach and EFT practitioner.
The process of hypnosis can be broken into four fundamental steps, beginning with Melinda and the client spending time getting acquainted before she induces a relaxed state of hypnotic trance. Then, the real work of hypnosis begins: accessing subconscious beliefs about the basis of the problem, and transforming them. The result is often an elimination of the problem and a new lease on life. Post-hypnotic suggestions maintain the clients’ new perspective once they are brought out of hypnosis.
“Hypnosis is also an amazing tool for creativity,” states Melinda, having worked with people in many facets of entertainment by helping them “tap into their creative energy.”
Practicing for eight years, Melinda is among those hypnotists who use a holistic approach. Also, to help clients with the additional stresses of today’s economy and job market, she teaches techniques they can use on their own to reduce stress and improve the quality of their life.
Melinda also offers EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), based on clearing energy blockages in the body’s meridian systems, the pathways along which energy that maintains emotional and physical health flows. By tapping specific regions of the upper body while focusing on the problem, clients can experience dramatic relief. Unlike hypnosis, there is no need for trance. 
Among many other uses, EFT is successful in helping war veterans recover from post traumatic stress disorder ( EFT has also been shown to treat a range of problems from anxiety to chronic physical pain in people of all ages. “Kids love to learn it and use it on themselves, which really helps for visits to the doctor or dentist,” says Melinda.
In HypnoCoaching™, Melinda combines hypnosis and EFT with life coaching, helping clients clarify personal values, explore new goals, and achieve them.

Melinda offers a recession discount to clients who need it in order to begin their work: 20% off hypnosis and EFT, and 20% off their first HypnoCoaching™ session. For more information, visit, email or call (818) 326-7213.

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