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By Tammy Johnston

Rachele and Ray, owners of Fitness Is Art, doing their Facial Fitness with Zumba instructor Cassondra Smith (far left). Working on their Crow’s Feet.

Rachele and Ray, owners of Fitness Is Art, doing their Facial Fitness with Zumba instructor Cassondra Smith (far left). Working on their Crow’s Feet.

Ray and Rachele Rivera are a husband-and-wife team dedicated to helping people meet their personal health goals. They use their extensive knowledge in health and fitness along with motivation and laughter to accomplish this.

Rachele says, “We have trained many people, from athletes in preparation of sporting events to S.W.A.T. teams, police, and Navy Seals. We also specialize in pre/post pregnancy, surgery, and senior training.”

Compassion for their rescue dog inspired Rachele and Ray to open their own studio. Soon after adopting Zorro, the couple noticed he exhibited physical symptoms of stress when left alone, due to the abuse and neglect from his previous owner. After conferring with a vet, they found that Zorro had a liver shunt which with high levels of stress could be deadly.

The couple nurtured Zorro to health as best as they could, but he still wanted to be with Ray and Rachele, so they decided that opening a studio would benefit Zorro because he could go to work with them. This would also allow the couple time to develop unique, realistic, and fun fitness programs.

The Extreme Ray and Rachele Boot Camp is modified for all ages, medical conditions, and fitness levels. Get a total core workout with Indoor Suspension Training (a system of ropes and webbing that allows users to work against their own body weight).

Fitness Is Art offers Mat Pilates, Fem Defend (self defense for women taught by a woman), Tangoflex, Yoga, Zumba, and L.A. Combatives, taught indoors, as well as outdoor classes on the Movestrong Outdoor Quad Unit, the circuit training class that has basic exercises like climbing, squatting, isometric holds, pull-up variations, and more. New Member Dawn Petersen says, “The outdoor routine is like a jungle gym for adults!”

Rachele is the only instructor in L.A. who is certified and has developed a facial fitness class that involves working all 57 muscles of your face and neck, as well as tightening your glutes and abs, called Face, Glutes, and Abs Fitness. Her fitness studio is the only one offering these classes. A method of contracting and relaxing the face muscles results in increased blood circulation and oxygen flow. This allows nutrients to flow through the muscles, helping to heal and firm the skin and allowing for your face to produce its own collagen.

I enjoyed this class — it was like yoga for the face combined with massage! Lying on yoga mats, we did simultaneous exercises for glutes and abs. Rachele took care to make sure each student was performing the movements correctly. Proper technique allows maximum benefit with no injury. She tailored the exercises to our individual needs. We also laughed a lot!

And I’m happy to report that Zorro seems well adjusted, healthy, and happy!

Fitness Is Art is located at 2019 W. Magnolia Blvd. in Burbank. For more information call (818) 967-8808 or visit

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