Flowers and Chocolate Again?


This Valentine’s Day give gifts from the heart for the heart.

(ARA) – Buying the standard bouquet or box of candy for the love of your life doesn’t show you’ve put much thought into the sentiment. In fact, if your valentine is like many others, they are just six weeks into the new year that likely began with all sorts of promises to get fit or lose a few pounds. Will chocolate really say “I love you?” Will flowers convey your devotion?

Instead, consider a gift that not only comes from the heart but benefits the heart. Here are better options for Valentine’s Day when you want to say:

“You are adored.” There is nothing like a spa treatment to put your loved one on a pedestal. “A facial or massage is the gift of relaxation and self-care,” says Kate Rice, a massage therapist and the national massage educator for Life Time, The Healthy Way of Life Company. She says a gift certificate can be part of a bigger pampering day – perhaps along with breakfast in bed or an end-of-day bubble bath. “People tend to think of massage as a luxury, but it’s therapeutic and can help reground them. It’s also the perfect gift for someone who does so much for everyone else.”

“We’re in this together; we’re a team.” Working together on a common goal can make lasting memories. Signing up you and your valentine for a 5K, 10K, triathlon or other physical event can create memories to last a lifetime. That’s how Michael Lorenzen, 29, of Chicago ended up registered for his first ultra-distance triathlon. “My wonderful girlfriend, Brigit, gifted me a 2012 entry into a triathlon in Wisconsin.” He says his initial reaction was irritation, followed quickly by panic, which soon transpired into gratitude. “She did it because she knew I’d never sign up myself. I’ve never done an ultra-distance triathlon. I know I can, but committing to doing it is a big deal to me.” The gift, he says, showed him that she believes in him. It’s hard to get more romantic than that.

“I want you in my life forever.” The vow is “in sickness or in health,” but we’d all prefer good health. If your special someone knows they need to get fit or stay fit, they might need more than a gentle nudge. Hiring a personal trainer – for a private session or for the two of you – is a way to show your commitment to life and to each other. Tom Manella, vice president of personal training at Life Time, says they sell about 2,000 gift cards a year for personal training services. “The gift of fitness lasts,” he says, suggesting health-related gifts such as metabolism testing for someone who wants to refine his fitness goals, or a heart rate monitor to help her reach goals. “Valentine’s Day is about expressing how much you love someone,” he adds. “What better way to do so than giving the gift of health?”

Resist the urge to go the traditional (and unimaginative) route this Valentine’s Day. Think of your gift ideas with health in mind to make your love last. For more information, visit

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