Four Out of Five Dentists Recommend Dentyne


Four out of five dentists recommend Dentyne and 79.48% of all statistics are made up on the spot! Western society has been utterly brainwashed and conditioned by facts and figures. Everywhere I look, there are staggering statistics about drugs, rape, abortion, sports odds, crime rates as well as opinions on the government, and even the president’s approval rating. Even the life span of someone who eats popcorn for breakfast is analyzed! What’s more, corporations constantly manipulate statistics in advertising their worthless shoddy products, which we the customer often purchase under a false pretext. Statistics come from sociology, psychology, health, law, sports, business, along with politics. And statistics and data-interpretation show up in every aspect of modern society.

English Prime Minister Benjamin Disraeli once said, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

I’m presently taking a college course in statistic analysis for the social and behavioral scientist. It is taught by the reflective and inspired professor, Dr. Sally Raskoff.

Every year statistics are used in deciding the curriculums for schools around the country. As a result, the curriculum is often modified by these numbers to help the learning process. That means the classes that I am taking today are based on data assembled in the past. Therefore the proper analysis of statistics is crucial in my receiving a high-quality education.

Also, as a journalist and filmmaker, I use statistics almost daily. As a result, I realize just how important valid facts can be in telling a proper story, together with hopefully changing the world for the betterment of mankind. However, unfortunately, statistics are not always used for altruistic principles. That’s why every conscientious American citizen should have a proper comprehension of deceptive numbers and ambiguous statistics. For without an undistorted knowledge we as a culture could easily be hoodwink – then double-cross by the powers to be.

Just think back to all the statistical misinformation that has harmed us as a society in the past. Many governments in the history of modern civilization have deceived its citizens by using statistical propaganda and half truths to bamboozle its gullible citizens. The Nazis could never have made it out their subversive closet if it was not for the misinformation put forth by bogus data and statistics. That’s because, statistics can be drawn upon to sell us a double-dealing bunch of crap! You see, more often then not, sham statistics are used to send some minor criminal to prison for life. And every so often there are used for something even worst: like sending the country’s young men into a bloody and deadly war!

In spite of this potential deception, the true purpose of statistical analysis is to review and scrutinize a mixture of genuine and distinctive characteristics and diverse components of life on planet earth for the rightful benefit of mankind…

In calculating and evaluating this unadulterated information the researcher should be able to ascertain various factors: including gender, social stratification, and religious believes, as well as economic and societal trends of the person…

For the most part the statistician’s assessment is achieved through various forms of surveys and a precise system of random sampling. As well they employ a straightforward scientific method, together with a systematic formula to review the ingenuous research findings. That’s because the responsible researcher must always formulate a carefully worked-out assessment of the research question. Then they must make an evaluation of which type of algebraic calculations to employ in order to prove or disprove the correlation or the relationship in question. In addition, the statistician must frame that appropriate algebraic approach applied in the examining and questioning of their statistical conclusions. By doing this one can measure the degree of the relationship in the study. What’s more, they can also discover what percentage of the situation under question is caused or affected by the independent variable in the condition. Along with, what percent of the circumstance may have been shaped by outside causes – or trigger by additional external factors…

Subsequently, formulating a high-quality method of analysis will assist in the assessment of the information, in company with forming a true and logical opinion on the subject matter under investigation. In view of that underlying fact, the researcher must always be competent to utilize as well as appraise the underlining data. Subsequently, they can develop an authentic hypothesis in relation to the evidence in question. If not we could be wasting a lot of time and money trying to fix a preconceived notion – along with the wrong social problems. You see, causation is not always evident and understandable without proper scientific study. Many facts can be ambiguous, especially if you’re not sure if there is a bona fide cause and effect for what might seem at the time clear and obvious. What might basically appear to be as plain as the nose on your face, may just be as blurred and indistinguishable as the nose on your face really is… However, using statistical analyzes certain correlations and relationships, along with the enigmatic and unexplained, materialize in front of your very eyes. It almost seems like genuine magic; or maybe, perchance, authentic and accurate mathematical science!

To many of us students of the social and behavioral sciences, the study of statistics is like leaning a foreign language. However, we can no more avoid statistical data than we can stop verbal communication and the use of essential dialogue. That’s why research students must learn how to interpret data analytically using a systematic methodology. We must also discover how to produce data that imparts understandable solutions to significant questions. This is the reason why extracting empirical conclusions based on confirmed pragmatic data is so very crucial. Moreover, I feel we must always remember one extremely vital and notable aspect about exposing certain facts & figures… Statistical evidence can, beyond a doubt, transform the way we think, act and live our lives.

You see, I believe that revealing the truth about essential facts cannot harm anyone. However, by the same token, conveying lies about critical figures can hurt countless people – and perhaps, even unhinged a biased and dogmatic western society!

Kevin McKenna is filmmaker, social scientist and the Executive Director of IDEAS (Investigative Documentaries Educating American Society) a 501 c non profit corporation. If you have any comments, ideas or need more information on how you can help or contribute, call him at 818-588-3047 or e – mail

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