Free Oral Histories Workshop in Tujunga May 10


Everyone has a story. The personal remembrances of our elders are precious to one’s own family, but too often, they’re simply not collected. Recording these accounts and experiences for future generations enriches the history of a neighborhood, a community and the world in which we live.

Oral history is truly the oldest form of information gathering, pre-dating the written form. Asking someone to tell us their story through a focused interview is a technique used by contemporary historians, folklorists, anthropologists, journalists, and many others in research. These interviews serve to elicit memories of specific places, times, people and events that impacted the subject, their family or community.

Tujunga’s Little Landers Historical Society collects oral histories of longtime local residents. Obtaining these accounts is critical to ensuring a thorough and detailed historical picture of the area, and is an important component of Bolton Hall Museum’s archived materials.

Ellie Kahn, a filmmaker and expert in the field of oral histories, created “Tell Me Your Stories” – a project of the Living Legacies Historical Foundation – as a means to honor family and community elders, and to preserve their stories for future generations. Ms. Kahn will share her expertise and interviewing techniques in a hands-on Oral History Workshop at Bolton Hall on May 10 at 1 p.m. This program is free and open to all.

Bolton Hall is located at 10110 Commerce Ave. in Tujunga. For more information, contact the Little Landers Historical Society. Phone: (818) 352-3420; website:

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