From the Horse’s Mouth II


By Patty Schaller

Would it surprise you to discover that your pet understands everything you say? I’m not talking about simply your voice or gestures, as a lot of people believe. I mean literally. Animals communicate in three ways: they send each other pictures, they send each other feelings, and animals who are around humans a lot pick up the words used around them. It’s the same way kids learn language. From hearing it.

Some times I will have to figure out what they’re trying to say. The images they send are always from their point of view. You have to think like a dog or cat or horse or iguana. Feelings are easier to understand. Love washes over me, or anxiety or confusion. When they learn I can communicate with them, animals become my best pal and sometimes want to go home with me.

I always introduce myself. “I’m the lady who talks with animals,” I’ll say. But by then, they have gotten into my vibration and sniffed me and found out who I am. And they want to be close to me. People tell me that their pet won’t go to anybody, but he’s all over me. It’s part of the “animal communicator tool” that is in my toolbox.

Dogs are very basic communicators. You have to ask them a direct question and they will answer in few words. They love to be told they’re good dogs.

Cats, on the other hand, will talk your ear off if you let them. They have an opinion on everything and they are all too willing to share it. They love to be told they’re beautiful.

Animals are always honest. If you ask me to ask the dog who in the family is his favorite, he’s not going to weigh pros and cons. He’ll tell you the unvarnished truth, so be prepared to hear it.

My point is that the beautiful spirit you have chosen to share your life and your home with is a child of God with a soul who understands not only what humans tell him, but what is really going on around them. We have a lot to learn from these wise teachers. Animals teach us to be in the moment and not to worry about where your next bowlful is coming from. It will be provided. They teach us to enjoy every moment – be totally in the moment of chasing a Frisbee, taking a nap in the afternoon sun, sneaking a cuddle.Animals know this precious truth: Now is the only time there is. Make the most of it and the days that follow will take care of themselves.

In the meantime,
Happy Tails to You!
Patty Schaller
Facebook: petreader
(818) 754-1265

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