From the Horse’s Mouth III


By Patty Schaller

Since it’s the month of lovers with Valentine’s Day and romance in the air, I thought I’d tell you the story of Spike, the cat. I call it, Sex and the Kitty.

Monica is a lovely lady who had six cats when I met her. She loved these wonderful kitties very much and was concerned about dear Spike.

“I think he’s sick,” she said. “He won’t eat, he won’t play, and he’s hiding behind the furniture.”

As she spoke, I got a picture of a calico cat, but since we know there are no real male calicos, I just said, “It’s got something to do with a calico cat,” and went out to make a house call.

Sure enough, there was six-year-old Spike trying to be inconspicuous behind a chair in Monica’s living room. I coaxed him out and we sat on the sofa for a heart-to-heart.

I did a scan for physical problems but didn’t find any so I asked Spike what was wrong. He showed me something that had happened to him a short while before.

He had been in the living room trying to mount Gigi, a six-year-old Calico. Aha! The calico I saw when Monica called!

Gigi wasn’t having any of this, screeching bloody murder, when around the corner from the kitchen came Monica armed with a slipper. Fearing the worst (have you ever heard a cat screech bloody murder?), she threw the slipper at the two lovebirds to break them up (it was a soft slipper) and Spike took off under the chair, confused and embarrassed. He couldn’t figure out what he’d done wrong. He was just obeying the call of nature!

Humiliated before the other cats, Spike became depressed and it was then that Monica called me.

It’s important for humans to understand that even when a pet is neutered, it doesn’t necessarily stop the urge. They may be shooting blanks, but they’re still likely to step up to the shooting range.

Monica and I formed a plan in which she would make it all up to Spike, I would talk with him and explain that she thought the two cats were fighting, and sure enough, after about a month, Spike was back to his old randy self.

To this day, he still follows Gigi around.

Happy Tails to You!

Patty Schaller


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