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I believe everyone comes into life with a purpose. My purpose is to help people and animals. I’ve been psychic all my life. When I was a kid, I thought everyone could talk to animals (and “hear” their response) and see and hear people that “weren’t there.” As I got older, I found out that not only can everyone not do it, most of them think you’re nuts when you say you can.

I have done readings professionally for about 30 years. All through those years, my guides have worked with me and I have studied and learned. I love to do pet readings. Animals are honest, they’re living in the moment, and they’ve taught me a lot about life. Besides pet readings, I also do people readings: I recreate the plan my clients made up before their birth, which has a lot of fascinating information. I also communicate with people and animals who have passed into spirit.

Pet companions call me for one or more of these three reasons:

  • They want to change a pet’s behavior and want to know why they are acting a certain way.
  • They want their pet to understand something important.
  • They want to know what was in their pet’s life before they came to live with them (owners of rescued pets are particularly interested in this information).
  • They’re curious to know what their pet is thinking, if they have needs or wants, or they have questions for him, or they want to ask him questions. “What does he think about me?” is a common one.

In this column, I’ll be sharing stories about my clients, giving pet tips “from the horse’s mouth” — literally, giving you animal news — and answering questions. Although I won’t be doing readings in this column, I’ll be happy to answer any general question, so please feel free to send me yours.

In the meantime,

Happy Tails to You!

Patty Schaller


Facebook: petreader

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