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By Jennifer Speer

Photo by Lynne Tucker

Rosa Sementelli.

While having her second child, the doctor slapped Rosa on the behind and said, “Can you believe the butt on this woman?” Rosa, quite famous at the hospital, was dubbed the “New Mother with the Six-Pack.” She soon got used to people stopping by her room to ask her what in the world she’d done to be so lean and make her baby so healthy and strong.

This inspirational woman is Rosa Sementelli of Rosa’s High Voltage Boot Camp in Valley Village. Involved with fitness since the age of 10, she’s been featured on TV and in the news countless times because her passion is evident in the results she achieves with her customers.

Her fitness routines are incomparable because they are so completely individualized. She also has a great number of kids and people with physical impairments that she works with. But no matter your limitations, Rosa will personally design a routine based on your specific needs, goals, and abilities.

Because she is trained as a physical therapist and nutritionist, she has the knowledge and experience to look at your overall situation and know exactly what to do to get you to your highest physical potential. She uses many kinds and combinations of therapies and tools to help her customers … from cooking lessons, tens units, mobile therapy, and homework to pool therapy, sports massage, and more.

The most popular program is Rosa’s 4 Week Boot Camp. The Boot Camp itself is 45 minutes of fat-burning drills, weight training, and kickboxing, but includes full one-hour private training sessions designed for each individual’s fitness goals. She also offers Reformer Pilates training classes; “Bridal Boot Camp”: a complete twelve-week program that gets the future wives feeling fierce for their big day; not to mention a complete Meal Plan that includes meal preparation and delivery service and a full hour of Nutritional Consultation designed to boost your overall plan for maximum weight loss and health.

The latest program is Rosa’s “Underdog” Boot Camp — a fantastic program for your four-legged friends. Now you can work out with your fur buddy, get a little obedience training in, and have a fitness routine specifically designed to make your time with your pet more productive.

Her enthusiasm, not only for her own fitness, but for her clientele and the new programs they come up with, is infectious. Her rates are reasonable and tailored to your fitness goals and requirements. With the majority of her business being personal referrals, you know you’re getting a service that many other people have seen real results with and passed on to their friends. When you find a personal trainer as thorough, considerate, tough, creative, and effective as Rosa is … you hang on to them and let other people know. Check out her website at or come in and get a jolt yourself … you’ll see what I mean!

Rosa Sementelli can be reached by email,, or phone, (818) 419-7714.

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