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Try as I might, some weeks it’s really tough not to moan and groan when reading the news. It’s a shame too, since it puts a real damper on my normally upbeat, sunshiny, Pollyanna-like disposition. This past week was one of those weeks when the news items annoyed me more than usual. Since I write a weekly column, I have the luxury of being able to share those aggravating news reports with you now. Lucky you!

Item number one: The headline reads, “Texas Governor Defends Execution of Mexican.” Well, there you go: just another racist Texan out to kill a poor Mexican, right? Hmmm, not exactly. If you read the story and not just the headline, you find out that to begin with, the Mexican was in this country illegally. Oh, and another little thing, the Mexican was arrested and convicted of murdering a San Antonio teenager.

“If you commit the most heinous of crimes in Texas, you can expect to face the ultimate penalty under our laws,” Perry’s spokeswoman said. That sounds reasonable to me. So the convicted murderer was put to death – the end, right? No, that’s not the end of the story. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, along with that esteemed humanitarian assemblage, the United Nations, sided with the killer’s lawyers who claim he was not informed that he could have sought help from the Mexican government. What?

Excuse me, but if that’s true, then why didn’t the murderer’s lawyers inform him of that information themselves at trial? And by the way, if Mexico lets its murderers sneak into this country illegally and kill people, we have every right to give them a fair trial, and if found guilty, execute them. Period. Once again, the headline wasn’t completed. It should have read: “Governor Defends Execution of Mexican Murderer.”

Next item: Just what the people of California need most: another tax increase (excuse me, I mean fee). Governor Jerry Brown signed into law a $150 annual “wildfire protection fee” for property owners in rural areas of the state. The fee is supposed to generate $50 million in the first year and another $200 million annually in the future. That’s nice. People have less money to spend, prices are up on most necessities, unemployment is up, and Brown implements yet another “fee.”

This “fee” is one of two fees the Legislature’s Democratic majority approved as part of the state budget. The other one is a $12 hike to the vehicle registration fee. By the way, these fees have been imposed without the two-thirds vote required for tax increases. That’s how they get around the law, you see, by simply calling a tax, a “fee.” Thanks, guys. I’m sure you can cure California’s economic problems if you just implement enough “fees.”

Item three: In its war on incandescent light bulbs, the federal government’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu said the following when asked for his response to the millions of Americans who don’t want to be forced to buy the more expensive fluorescent, halogen and LED alternatives: “We are taking away a choice that continues to let people waste their own money.” There you go, that’s the liberal mentality.

What he’s saying in essence is, “You people are too stupid to make the right choices, so we at the government will make those choices for you.” Then it becomes, you people are too stupid to choose the right food to eat, so the government will tell you what you can eat. We’ll determine how you can heat your homes; we’ll determine how much you should weigh, where you can smoke, if at all, what surgeries you are allowed to have, on and on. It doesn’t stop until the nanny state takes over our entire lives.

I’ve got much more to grouse about, but I’ve run out of space. Lucky you.

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