Golf Meets Charity at Hack n’ Smack


Kevin Sorbo at the Eighth Annual Celebrity Golf Classic and Kerry Daveline Memorial benefiting melanoma.

Bagpipes on the horizon. Celebrity golfers lining up on the greens. All this, with an education about skin protection, was the perfect way to spend the day.

The scene: The Eighth Annual Celebrity Golf Classic and Kerry Daveline Memorial held at the Caballero Country Club, high above Ventura Boulevard. There was no way that this was Tarzana — but it was. It could have doubled as a soundstage for St. Andrews, the famed Scotland links.

Kevin E. West and Michael Moynahan co-founded the event to raise awareness and money for melanoma. Mia Daveline — Kerry’s widow — and her family were guests of honor.

There’s nothing more addictive then an enthusiastic golfer.

Chuck’s Adam Baldwin said, “My dad and I tooled around a bit when I was a kid. When I worked in England on Full Metal Jacket, I was intrigued. I went to St. Andrews — that was it! I like the idea that John Q. Public can hit the ball twice as far as Mark McGwire can hit a baseball.”

The Brady Bunch’s Christopher Knight never thought of himself as “the club guy, not the golfer guy. I was introduced to golf as a kid, but I was too hyperactive and got bored easily. Until recently, it’s been difficult to get to the 12th hole — my focus runs out. I think I’ve aged myself into this golf thing and it’s a great way to socialize for a good cause — and all other sports hurt too much!”

The Mentalist’s Gregory Itzen has been a serious golfer for 15 years. “I’m trying to step up my game. Last couple of games I shamed myself (because of long work hours). The cynical would say, ‘This is a good walk spoiled – Mark Twain.’ Look at this: Things are growing; it’s nice to be outside. Some people like to compete. My competion is with myself. I strive to keep my head down and follow through.”

Kevin Dobson: “Been playing golf (not) long enough to do well, but long enough to know that I love the game. I do fundraisers and that’s about the extent of it. It’s great to enjoy the beauty of nature.”

Other players: Patrick Warburton, Kevin Sorbo, Annie Wersching, Dave Coulier, Stephen Bishop, Paula Trickey, Ron Perelman, Joe Montegna, Dennis Haysbert, Jeffrey Nordling and Harold Green.

For the past five years, UC Irvine has sent on-staff dermatologists to check out participants’ abnormal moles on their faces, arms, neck and backs for melanoma and other types of skin cancer. Straw hats and sunscreen were provided by sponsors Solta Medical and Fraxel.

Dr Janellen Smith, an honoree, had to work for her supper. “We found people who had atypical moles — moles that are irregular. They have increased risk for melanoma and need to watch more than others. We’re educating the people.

“I just spoke with one of the guys from the San Diego Chargers. African Americans actually get melanoma under their fingernails, on the palms of their hands and soles of their feet. They have to be extra careful.”

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