Goodbye Spain


Returning home from a vacation is never easy, but returning home from the trip of a life time is nearly friggen impossible. So, here I am. Back at home in Toluca Lake, trying to adjust back to my routine of auditions and agent meetings and laundry. Unfortunately adjusting is taking longer than I thought it would. Traveling always seems to grace me with new perspectives about myself and life in general. And I think Spain absolutely changed my life, if I can be allowed to be so dramatic.

Tonight, while at sat at dinner with my family, enjoying my aunt’s new house in the hills and new pressure cooker, I found myself conversing with a friend of the family who looked at me as she curled her fingertip around a piece of hair and said, “You’re different, in a good way. But yeah…different.”

“Really?” I blurted out as I bit into the chicken and rice concoction as though I’ve never eaten in my life. Props to my aunt on this meal.

“How so?” I must know how different I seem because, secretly, I feel different.

“Well, you’re laughing and you’re like a hippie or something,” she said.

I wasn’t sure if this was a compliment or a criticism, but she assures me quickly that it was a compliment. She said it was nice to see me happy. And happy I am. Is it odd that Spain has opened my eyes? Is it weird that Spain was so life-changing and thrilling that I feel like a different person?

You may ask me what happened in Spain that prompted this sort of pleasure. I wish I could pinpoint a specific moment. I wish I could explain in great detail what happened and how if affected me. I wish I could pull the recipe out from my notepad, but the truth is I can’t. I fell in love with Spain. I fell in love with the night life and café’s and walking twenty miles a day and the romantic music nomads played in the metros. I fell in love with the little shops and the little candles. I fell in love with eating tapas in the rain and blue eyed gentlemen who opened my doors. But most of all I bonded with my little sister and cousin, who shared this trip with me.

But all good things must come to an end. My little sister boards a plane for Chicago tomorrow, where she’ll start college and I’ll return home to, well…my life. I think Juliet said it best when she softly tells Romeo “Good night, good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow. That I shall say good night till it be morrow.” Juliet may have been talking to Romeo, but I’m talking to Barcelona.

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