Got Pain? Tired of Medications? Today’s Health Tool Is Here!

Professional Results in a Small, Easy to Use Package! Call 1-800-303-6923, Code 6566 for Your FREE Information Report.

Professional Results in a Small, Easy to Use Package! Call 1-800-303-6923, Code 6566 for Your FREE Information Report.

It may surprise you to learn that low level lasers are used by doctors to heal their patients in the fastest way possible! Could you guess what kind of doctors use the highest percent of low-level lasers on their patients? It’s doctors involved in sports medicine. Why? The answer is simple. Doctors involved in sports medicine often have to get their patients better in the fastest way humanly possible because every day he remains “unhealthy” can cost the sports organization millions of dollars.

But here’s something exciting! You don’t actually need to go to a doctor to get laser therapy. If you want to you can buy one of these devices and use it on yourself. The best ones come with simple, easy-to-follow instructions and can be used by almost any person with average intelligence. Now, there is a new type of laser so effective against human disease and injury that it is rapidly changing the practice of medicine. This is a new type of low-level laser which produces an unfocused light that has been registered with the FDA to be 100% safe!

Low-level lasers use less than one watt of power and they produce what can best be described as a “Healing Light.”

Here is a somewhat un-scientific description of how this “Healing Light” can potentially help reverse the damage done by human sickness and disease. Our entire bodies are made up of cells. The health of all human cells is based on energy. If your cells don’t receive enough energy, they will weaken and the body will become sick.

For you to be healthy, what your cells need is exactly the right kind and the right amount of energy. Every time you get injured or become sick, the energy flow to your cells is disrupted. Until the proper type and amount of energy is restored, you will remain sick or injured. That’s what a low-level laser device does. It reenergizes the cells in your body with the right kind and proper amount of healing energy. Once that energy is restored the body can recover from almost everything!

This is information which just might help relieve you of any disease. Best of all, you can get this information absolutely FREE! For some people, a free report and information like this can mark the beginning of an entirely new life… pain-free and full of energy. For others, it can make the difference of living a healthy life compared to a low-energy life of sickness and disease.

Call 1-800-303-6923. After you are connected, at the prompt, press the code number – 6566 into your keypad then leave your name and mailing information. That number again is 1-800-303-6923, Code 6566. Call today and find out about a seminar near you!

*The QLaser System is indicated for providing temporary relief of pain associated with osteoarthritis of the hand, which has been diagnosed by a physician or another licensed medical professional. No other medical treatment claims are made or implied.

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