‘Groom For Less’ and Why I Want to Help Your Pet


By Eddie Olguin

“Groom For Less” mobile pet grooming comes to you.

“Groom For Less” mobile pet grooming comes to you.

I must admit I was always more of a cat person. I’d had several cats through the years and they made great companions. Then about nine years ago I met a girl with an Italian Greyhound she named “Mazzy.” The three of us shared a house on the Toluca/NoHo border with her brother who also happened to have a dog “Roxy.”

Living with dogs was a new experience, but in short order I absolutely fell in love with their disposition, sense of loyalty, and unconditional love. When Mazzy sadly passed away I realized how much my life had been affected by this wonderful dog. I was deeply affected by her loss and came to understand the deep love that people have for their pets.

Mazzy was the inspiration for “Groom For Less.” I knew I wanted to be involved in something that brought happiness to pets and their owners and noticed the joy professional grooming brought to pets. They actually seemed to prance around with an air of pride once they’d been groomed. That’s when I knew I wanted to provide this service and take it a step further by bringing it directly to the customer — mobile pet grooming!

“Groom For Less” comes to your home or business and grooms your dog or cat in a stress-free, distraction-free environment where your pet has the groomer’s full attention, and delivers to you a sweet-smelling, great-looking pet back to your front door.

For more information, please call (323) 244-3307 or log on to groomforless.com.


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