Growing Younger


By Universal City Medical Group

Dr. David Mark Rekar, Medical Director of Universal City Medical Group.

Unless we live in the magical world of Benjamin Button, the clock and the calendar move relentlessly forward. As they do, so we age. That’s a fact, yet one we eventually don’t want to agree with.

Science tells us that our skin will wrinkle, we will exchange 10 lbs. of lean muscle for fat every 10 years, our hormones will fade, our sex drive will vanish, our brain acuity and speed will lessen, our organ function will diminish, our bones will weaken, and our joints will degenerate. Things won’t work as well and we will probably have pain. These are undesirable trends to have to live with.

At any given moment an individual is somewhere in relationship to life and death. If viewed as a scale, some are very alive, some half-dead, some near death. Where would you prefer to be? You observe that some people age better than others. They still have hair, their eyes still shine, they are active, bright, sharp, and younger than their peers. We’ve now learned that some of this is genetics, and your genetics are things you probably will not change. But what things are there that you definitely can?

It turns out that there is a lot you can do to change the “inevitable” and make it much more to your liking. Through the sciences of Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Nutrition, and Anti-Aging Medicine, the biological trends of aging can be slowed, even reversed. You can grow younger.

You can replace the pain and debility of aging joints with chiropractic correction and physical therapy in tandem with a properly designed program to keeps joints strong, fluid, and flexible. And yes, you can keep your nerves free of pressure and pain.

You can keep your hormones youthful and vibrant by taking steps to replace what nature has designed to shut-off. That changes mood, energy, sexual function, skin quality, and organ functions, which are the very basis of health.

You CAN keep your brain and nerves young, vital, creative, and functional much longer than they would without any help.

In short, you can look better, feel better, live better, and age better than the “average” person next to you will.

That takes knowledge, commitment, and workable technology. Sounds like a lot of work, but what are the stakes? An earlier decline vs. a more creative and satisfying life. I know what I would choose. How about you?

Wouldn’t you choose a longer, happier, healthier, and more abundant life?

Now that you think about it, wouldn’t you rather grow younger?


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