Gullibility – It’s Not Just for the Young Anymore


I don’t think anyone has ever done a survey on it, but it’s a pretty good bet to conclude that when we’re young we tend to be more gullible. You can tell a little kid almost anything and he’ll believe it. “Hey look! I’ve got your nose!” “If you’re not good Santa won’t bring you any presents.” When the child is four or five their gullibility is actually kind of cute.

Young people as a rule, teens especially, are more apt to believe what they’re told, sometimes even in the face of obvious logic to the contrary. Call it the optimism of youth. Or maybe it’s just plain ignorance. Whatever it is, it’s the reason why advertisers like to target young folks; they are prone to swallow the sales pitch faster than someone who’s been around the block a few times.

This is also the reason why the Democratic Party goes after the youth vote. They know that the utopian dreams promised by progressivism is a concept embraced mostly by the young and ignorant. Who else could possibly think that slogans such as “Make Love, Not War,” and “Co-Exist” have any real meaning at all? These concepts may be a nice idea for harmony in one’s neighborhood, but they simply sound foolish and naïve when dealing with an enemy who worships a philosophy of hatred and is committed to annihilating you.

But the young don’t have a corner on naïveté, there are some who, although not young anymore, still maintain the stupidity of youth. This explains why so few people are aware of the multitude of scandals that have broken in Obama’s administration in recent weeks. Too many people aren’t paying attention, or they are paying attention to the wrong things. Americans tune into sports, celebrity news, salacious pop culture garbage and reality shows, and tune out of what’s going on in Washington. Add to that mix the liberals who simply refuse to believe anything negative about Obama and you have a perfect pathway for government corruption.

Political gullibility is bad enough, but gullibility is everywhere. It is spread wider than the elastic waistband on Michael Moore’s boxer shorts. Nobody thinks of themselves as being particularly gullible, just as no one thinks of themselves as being a jerk, but we all know that there are plenty of jerks among us. Sometimes we fall into gullibility because we want so badly to believe in something. A case in point is the National Do Not Call Registry which sounds too good to be true.

If you’re like our house, you probably get anywhere from 15 to 30 unsolicited telephone calls a week from contractors, charities, marketing companies, etc. The calls come at all times of the day and evening, many at dinnertime. Oh sure, you can “screen” the calls so that you won’t have to pick up, but that doesn’t solve the annoyance of the calls themselves because the phone still rings. So what is the solution to this irritation? Well it is the National Do Not Call Registry, of course.

Here’s how it is supposed to work: You call up their number or you can register on their web site. It takes no time at all. It costs you nothing. The promise is, once registered you will never be bothered by those pesky unsolicited phone calls again. Sounds great, so of course I go for it! That’s right, gullible Greg goes for it hook, line, and sinker. And here’s the payoff … not only do the calls not stop, I swear we’re getting more calls than before I registered with this facocta thing. At my age I should know better than to think that this would actually work.

The older we get the more we start regressing and soon we become as gullible again as we were when we were young. But I guess we’re all gullible in one way or another. I used to think that the path to success in life was to play by the rules and not cheat until I saw cheating liars get ahead in all kinds of ways, especially money. I still play by the rules, but I know that it doesn’t necessarily add up to winning.

My wife is gullible in her own way too. She thinks if she works on me long enough then I will actually improve. After 35 years you’d think she would have wised up.

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