Happy Mother’s Day


Dear Mom,

Thank you for being the mom that you are. We share so many fun memories from when I was a child up to today that always put a smile on my face. I am blessed with your guidance, friendship, and love that have made me the mom that I am today. I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Dear Mom,

Every day I miss you! It seems as time passes, my yearning increases to be near you geographically and emotionally. I’ve become the person I am, because of your influence. You are the greatest mother for me! There are many women who are mothers; I notice them in their roles, and titles. But there is only one YOU! Only one mother, who fills my heart, holds my hand, who knows me better than I even know myself, at times. Whenever I have something to share, and I’m excited or filled with joy, the first person I want to tell is you! And, those days that feel like I am losing and my efforts are futile, believing the world will win, your voice always comforts, calms my soul. My mother reminds me that I matter; I am loved completely, by the person I admire and respect more than anyone. Everything in life becomes so much better, after we talk. Every time we see each other, I get little butterflies of excitement! Sharing time with me is the best gift! From love, you carried me, and brought me into this world. The love you’ve given me has continued to ripple and fill the lives of my children. You are my true best friend, and the love of my life!

Happy Mother’s Day!


Sandy (your little doll)


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