Happy Valentine’s Day


On the day we met,
A map was born
And to its center
All roads led
Right to our hearts.

From my eyes,
I saw your beauty
And it’s image
Traveled at the speed of light
Right to my heart.

And from the moment you spoke,
My ears were caressed by your song
And the rhythm of your sweet voice
Echoing your words
Right down to my heart.

The first time we kissed,
My soul flew to yours
And your soul offered mine
A direct journey
Right down to your heart.

And when we held hands,
The tingle that stole my senses
Found a river in the nerves we shared at that moment,
And it was as a conduit
That led me
Right to your heart.

When we hugged for the first time,
I was enveloped by your aspects
And as you enveloped me and I did you,
Our lives unlocked to one another
The heart of our first embrace.

The years have gone by
And we have stepped through many doors
And we have moved through many times,
But always did I have your heart,
And always did you have mine
As an onion has layers that lead to the
heart of the plant
And as the artichoke can be peeled and enjoyed,
All aspects of our lives are as the food we
consume to live;
No matter how many layers we peel away to
our consumption,
All lead to a conclusion at the heart.

It is the strength of my day
That is found in my journey
That can find no greater joy
Than my life’s devotion to always have my
heart to yours,
And yours to mine.

All roads we travel together have lead to our hearts,
All love we share, give and receive is
granted by our hearts,
Which beat together as one,
Separately but never alone.

Hearts that exist, not just in the chest
But in the soul that you ignite everyday
To make the spark
That steals my heart
Only to find that my heart is now one to yours,
And yours one to mine.

One heart of two,
Indistinguishable and unique,
Sharing every beat.

I will, for eternity, find the end of my path
At the entrance to your heart,
And forever will you be
Where my heart is…
In yours, forever and beyond.

Lloyd E. Flyer is a freelance writer and may be contacted through the “Tolucan Times” or at Alternateangle@pacbell.net.

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