Healing By Moses: Where the Pain Disappears

Licensed therapist Moses Eliezer works when conventional medicine doesn’t. His office is in Woodland Hills.

Licensed therapist Moses Eliezer works when conventional medicine doesn’t. His office is in Woodland Hills.

Moses has developed a unique technique that combines massage therapy with the elements of Reiki healing technique that uses Universal Life Energy to heal and balance living beings.

The end goal of his treatments is to release physical and emotional stress as well as pain and ailments in numerous parts of the body.

Moses has treated various ailments such as high blood pressure, kidney problems, digestive problems, migraines, chronic diseases, and fatal illnesses.

People often come to Moses when conventional medicine doesn’t work. Doctors treat the symptoms, not the problem.

Kevin lives in Azusa. “I drove about an hour to get to Moses. He treated me twice for two separate issues. My neck and shoulder pain disappeared right after the first session. The pain in my digestive system was gone after the second treatment. I feel wonderful.”

Moses says, “In a healing treatment I work directly on the problem. When I lay my hands on a person’s body, the energy guides me. The massage brings the patient to a relaxed state that helps them absorb the energy that I transfer to them.”

Ben: “I was skeptical at first. Moses said that he could help relieve the pain in my shoulder. I couldn’t believe him because I went to so many massage therapists and chiropractors and nobody could help me. This was the best treatment that I had. The treatment was so relaxing. His hands were magical. I left with no pain at all.”

“When a person is not connected to the energy, their battery empties,” Moses says. “That’s when symptoms, illnesses, and fatigue begin. I recharge their battery and align the energy as I open their chakras, the centers of spiritual power in the body.

“Patients often slip into a hypnotic state and usually stay on the massage bed for an extended period after the treatment is over, to continue with deep relaxation.”

For appointment, contact Moses at (818) 943-7474 or go to healingbymoses.com.

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