Hi Robert,


Hi Robert,
Without going into how I managed to do it, I spilled a fair amount of Crazy Glue on my granite kitchen counter. Do I have to wait 20 years or so for it to wear off, or can I hope to solve the problem sometime before that? As a way of explanation, I am an elderly widow! ‘Nuff said.

Jane L.

Hi Jane,
There are stone cleaners available but I would start with acetone. This chemical is usually found in nail polish removers. Acetone can be dangerous and you’ll want to be very careful. Before working with acetone, you’ll want to make sure that your kitchen is well ventilated. I would set up a fan blowing the fumes away from the stove and heater and out an open window or door. If enough of the fumes travel to the pilot light of your heater or stove, it can cause an explosion. 
The only stone harder than granite is diamond, but it can still be damaged. You’ll either have a polished or a honed surface and it is possible that either the superglue or the acetone may affect the sheen of the polished finish. I would start by applying the acetone in an inconspicuous place and let it set up for 24 hours to check if there is any surface change. If it does, remove the finish, you can always come back later and reapply the polish.
Wearing rubber gloves, apply the acetone to a Q-tip and slowly start to work it in and around the outside edges of the glue spill. It should start to visibly loosen almost immediately. Some of the glue will start to come up on the Q-tip. Depending on how large of an area you are working with, you might then start to gently scrape or peel up the old glue. If you are using a scraper, be careful not to scratch the counter. Take your time and go nice and easy. Remember to keep the windows and/or doors open, and keep the fan blowing until the area is complete dry and there are no fumes left in your home. 

Hi Robert,
I’ve got a bedroom ceiling that had an acoustic texture. I made a small repair, which was smooth, and instead of replacing that spot with acoustic, I scraped off all of the acoustic and tried to put up a smooth finish. It looks bad. You can see a lot of lines and shadows. I’ve put too much work into it now to hire someone but am just about to give up. What would you do?

David G.

Hi David,
Smooth finishes are not easy. They show every imperfection. You could do a knock down finish. 
Go to the local rental yard and get a hopper gun. Mix up some texture to the consistency of pancake batter, with no lumps, and spray the ceiling. Make sure that you have everything wrapped in plastic and leave it in place until you are finished with the paint.
Once it starts to dry, drag a 3 foot long trowel across it then paints it when dry. You will find this type of finish in a lot of new construction. It looks good and will hide all of the imperfections.

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