Hollywood good guy actor Patrick Duffy honored by Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters Oct. 5 in Studio City

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It is true, a good guy can succeed in Hollywood. Patrick Duffy is proof of that. And Duffy’s friends and family gladly came forward to tell stories about the beloved fellow when he was honored by the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters.

Duffy was frequently referred to as “a Renaissance Man,” throughout the delightful luncheon on October 5 at the Sportsmen’s Lodge in Studio City.

He is best known for playing the good son Bobby Ewing on the mega-hit series Dallas, opposite his bad boy brother J.R. (played by his good friend, the late Larry Hagman). But the Broadcasters members on hand learned much more about him, discovering the diversity of Duffy’s talents and interests.

The handsome and ultra-likable star not only does both drama and comedy with equal ease, he is also in demand as a director and producer.

Born in Montana, at 69 he is still an athletic outdoorsman who now lives in Oregon when not working in Hollywood, and he is the proprietor of a bar, The Plunge (situated inside Hollywood’s Broadwater Theater complex), with his son, playwright Padraic and Padraic’s wife, Emily Kosloski. Duffy is following an Irish tradition since his parents Terry and Babe also had a bar in rural Montana, as did his grandparents back in Ireland. “I’m back in the family business,” noted Patrick, who also enjoys fishing and cooking his catch, collects art and practices Buddhism bringing peace and joy in his life.

Also a joy was the fun atmosphere created by Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters’ newly elected president, an L.A. broadcast legend, deejay and radio personality “Shotgun Tom” Kelly, of KRTH 101 fame, now heard on SiriusXM’s ‘60s on 6 in the afternoon. “We’re going to turn this into a party,” Kelly said as he introduced Patrick Duffy, and the dais with the honoree’s sons Conor and Pedraic Duffy, his Dallas co-star Linda Gray, his sitcom Step By Step co-star Suzanne Somers; Bill Bickley, producer of Step By Step; Mike Robin, Major Crimes producer, and the always eloquent James Duff, writer-producer for Major Crimes which Duffy has directed.

VIP guests in the audience included past Pacific Pioneer presidents Chuck Southcott, Chuck Street, Alan Perris and the remarkable talent coordinated Jeanne DeVivier Brown. She was the go-to-gal during the Golden Age of TV game shows and celebrity talk shows. Jeanne got a well-deserved ovation from the crowd for all she has done with the organization as a President, Charter Member, Diamond Circle honoree, and Chairman of the Board.

Also on hand were actor Phillip Keene (The Closer, Major Crimes), and TV host-producer Alan Hamel, married to Suzanne Somers, together for 41 years. Wink Martindale and his wife Sandy also attended and they mentioned a special Saturday morning fun event “Coffee with Wink Martindale,” set for October 13 at the Airtel Plaza Hotel with Wink telling stories about his fabulous career. (For more information, leave a message at 323-461-2121.)

Patrick Duffy was presented the prestigious Art Gilmore Career Achievement Award by “Shotgun Tom.” Duffy thanked the Pacific Pioneer Broadcasters and showed off his cheeky humor and wisdom as he accepted. “This is not something I’ve ever done before. It’s very disconcerting, sort of like being at your funeral but you’re still alive. Today truly is about friendship and it’s a very interesting thing to sort of take a roll call of friends. We all have a lot of friends, but the type of friends who are at this (dais) table now are the people who forgive your little foibles, the total screwups, and complete disasters. That’s how you can tell who your friends are, they are here by choice, notwithstanding two, my sons, are here to see if they’re still in the will, but the rest of them are here by choice. I think we should all take inventory, think of who your friends are and appreciate their presence in your life.”


Margie Barron is a member of the Television Critics Association and has written for a variety of top publications for more than 35 years and was proud to be half of the husband and wife writing team of Margie and Frank Barron.


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