Hollywood Mattress Grand Opening offers 20% discount and mattress giveaway

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‘Don’t just think about a new mattress, sleep on it’

Need a good night’s sleep? Burbank’s Hollywood Mattress Grand Opening sale offers a 20 percent discount on all mattresses. Owner Frankie Valenzuela also plans to give away a queen mattress and box spring set to one customer in need of a good rest. You can enter the raffle by registering at the Hollywood Mattress store before Monday, April 30.

Celebrate the Grand Opening of Hollywood Mattress in Burbank with 20 percent off all mattresses.

Does anyone consider their mattress an example of high technology? It is time to wake up to the fact that your mattress is no longer just a place to hide your retirement. Innovative technology is now more than a dream. Hollywood Mattress has all the latest, state of the art mattress technology at competitive prices, right here in Burbank.

Technological advances such as “softer than cotton” exotic fabrics made from Eucalyptus leaves or infused with copper ions, draw heat away from sleeping bodies, allowing for more restful sleep. You should think about that now, so you don’t have to sweat it this August. The cuddle factor alone makes this purchase worth considering!

Other innovations include the amazing gel-matrix Intelibed, originally designed for burn victims and now available to everyone. Valenzuela says, “This is the most comfortable mattress in the world. It is like sleeping on a cloud.” Other mattresses feature pocketed coil springs which quietly isolate a sleeper’s movement rather than transmitting it and disturbing sleeping partners. Pillows with aroma-therapeutic scents such as Chamomile, Lavender and Peppermint are also available.

Valenzuela only stocks mattresses manufactured in the United States, ensuring local quality control. Most of his suppliers, Diamond, Maxim and Englander have been in Los Angeles County for decades. Frankie himself has a long history in Burbank. This is where he met his fiancé.

What price can one put on a good night’s sleep? Valenzuela says, “A good mattress lasts eight to 10 years. When one considers they spend eight hours sleeping, every day, over a decade, that expense amounts to pennies per day.”

Hollywood Mattress is located at 1304 W Magnolia Blvd. Call (818) 748-3339 or visit HollywoodMattressStore.com.


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