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What a way to go!


We want to talk about travel opportunities in a seemingly impossible time, and to share our admiration for the generous spirit that American Airlines has demonstrated helping the victims of the catastrophe in Haiti. American Airlines is The Tolucan Times partner in recently offering a free trip to our lucky Love is in the Air contest winners. It seems love is still in the air! David has just enjoyed a comfy trip home from London, and is brimming with encouragement!
David: The good news: the most horrendous recession since the Great Depression has officially come to an end (according to all the experts). The bad news: a lot of us are not out of the woods yet. Some are still without a job, others very nervous about losing theirs. So, you may ask, how can the Lawrences still rave on about luxury travel? Well, hum along, pack up your troubles, forget your troubles, and just get happy. This is my own personal prescription: get away for a few precious days, and clear your head; recharge your batteries.

A Few Bright Spots in the Cloudy Skies

American’s ever changing special promotions, free companion fares put together with less expensive options for hotels, car rental, restaurants and more. Recently, we flew to Chicago using our frequent flyer mileage, and we’re about to travel the same way to Miami for a cruise to the Caribbean (which I bid on and won at the Actors and Others for Animal Celebration of Caring). Helping animals, cruising, a mileage flight, pretty good. We pay our bills, when allowed, by credit cards to build up the miles. So now we are able to book the piece de non-resistance, our flights back to Europe in spring. New menu additions, comfortable seats, a wide choice of entertainment all make the hours “fly by.”
Jackie: Show Biz-y American Airlines should also have been nominated for its supporting role (along with leading man George Clooney) in the much acclaimed “Up in the Air.” They filmed up in the air, in the planes, the terminals, major airports, and major bars. Major movie. And Kevin Spacey’s commercial about “best seats” sits well with me. My cronky neck, delicate lower back, and cursed restless legs require merciful seating. All our thanks to 777 Business class, very nifty with push-button, angled lie-flat seats, which extend a full 77 inches. Adjustable head rests and advanced lumbar and under-calf support are just what the doctor ordered. Applause, applause!
David: More hand-clapping for all the good stuff on their Web site from the Admirals Club (now celebrating its 70th year with free admission when flying First or Business class), to special offers and promotions, finding the right flights for frequent flyer miles, and all the rest. We especially like that overseas travelers can give their left over coins (pounds, euros, etc., which cannot be exchanged for U.S. currency anyhow) to charity via the flight attendants.
So, how can we/you afford Business or First class in today’s economy? Those fab frequent flyer miles! Usually we upgrade from the lowest priced ticket. Which ever you choose, it’s super. up, up, and away…
Jackie: So a final shout out to American for transporting over 60,000 pounds of aid to Haiti soon after the quake. Employees are continuing to raise funds in varied and wonderful ways, and internal donations will be matched (up to $10,000!) by the company. In addition, they have sent aid to provide relief for its more than 100 employees who work at Toussaint Louverture International Airport and for assistance at local hospitals in Port-au-Prince. What a way to go… We’ll travel!

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