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Keeping cool: David and Skye learning the steps for dog safety. It’s true  then, dogs do look like their owners.

Keeping cool: David and Skye learning the steps for dog safety. It’s true then, dogs do look like their owners.

I want to talk about how busy a sizzling summer can be. Why is it, when it’s too steaming outside, that there is a ton of yard work to attend to? And now that the plants are frying, we are duty-bound to cut back on the water. A transgardner, that’s what I’m becoming. I’m slowly (too slowly, really) changing my seedlings to succulents. Less color, more cacti. Cute cacti but rarely on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens. And I like to grow food. A butternut squash is small, but erect, in a corner of my front yard. My tomatoes are either frying or drowning but in between we still have a small harvest. Lots of basil but the timeless thyme went crisp after a blistering ray must have focused its pot. And why is that interesting? It’s just part of the hot times…
We’re teaching our dog Skye to swim, and get out of the pool by using the steps. He taught us that he needs to have his toenails clipped. Does he like it? Not at all but just in case, he knows how to get out. We promised The Bill Foundation, when we adopted him, that we would never let him in the back yard pool area alone. And, we never have but that famous ‘just in case’ has popped up in life too many times to ignore the possibilities. And while we’re at it, remember that dog temperature is much higher than human’s. It’s an unalterable NO to leave a dog in a car, even on a normal day; it gets too hot in a car, and could be a terrible death. So, Skye, who used to enjoy running errands with David, now stays at home safely.
Since it’s so unreasonably hot, I joined a gym to see how much commitment an ever-growing gal can have. David and I have been together for 10 years now. It seems so recently that I called my pals, and shrieked, “I have a boyfriend!” Shock waves rolled through the city. And now, gaining that famous pound a year, shock is rolling over me. So, I’ll be reporting on my stick-to-it-ness. So far, I’ve done two weeks. No one has laughed, except me. My goal is health, strength, balance and flexibility. (Sounds so grown up.) Now, how to keep from cleaning my (and anyone’s within reach) plate? I know the rules. I’ve been dieting for over 60 years. Some things just can’t be in the house. Or, in the city. Support is welcome. If you see me near dangerous food, create a diversion.
Speaking of diversion, the “Forever Plaid” event was so exciting. I’m hoping there is a video and cable showings of the movie. The guys (David Engel, Larry Raben and Stan Chandler with New York’s Daniel Reichard) are forever fine, and the night after the Plaid event, the three Studio City stars opened in another show, “The Andrews Brothers,” for a run at the Fullerton Civic Light Opera Music Theatre. It runs until July 26. If you want to see a case of mistaken identities, madcap comedy and the great music of the 1940’s, catch this sweet show. It seems that three soldiers find themselves giving the performance of a lifetime when a certain singing trio of siblings fails to arrive at their USO gig. “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” “Slow Boat to China,” “Shoo Shoo Baby” and “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” are just some of the favorites in this valentine to the heroes of World War II.
For more information on “The Andrews Brothers,” visit the Web site

PS: My daughter just got married to a darling gentleman from Holland! We’ll talk…

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