How to Get the Right Amount of Cash for Your Gold Jewelry with ‘Cash for Gold’ at Diamano

Photo courtesy of Nick Diamano

Ana Franklin, employee, and guest at Sunday’s Diamond Gold Party—she is receiving cash for selling her gold to us!

Lucrative “cash for gold” advertisements promising big payouts to be gained by anyone with practically any amount of gold to sell may seem promising. But deciphering the fine print of newspaper ads or the bottom screen of thirty-second commercials tells otherwise. And with buyers out for big payouts themselves, inexperienced sellers are often duped. Though hard to find an experienced buyer that cares just as much about the seller’s gain as his own, it is not impossible, thanks to Nick, owner and manager of L.A. Cash for Gold and Diamano Fine Jewelry (both based in Los Angeles). Putting himself in the seller’s place by researching extensively what many buyers are offering, or rather not offering, has helped Nick create a successful niche for himself. “I felt this was a major opportunity for me to create an honest company,” he explains. According to Nick, two of the reasons why many unsuspecting sellers looking for monetary exchange are usually worse off is because they are unaware of the value of their gold, and typically never shop around for the highest return. And misleading buyers refusing to provide accurate quotes or breakdowns of what they pay further creates unnecessary confusion. By offering breakdowns of pricing per gram of a specific karat of gold, Nick is able to let sellers know in person, or over the phone, exactly how much to expect to get for their items through understandable price charts and online cash for gold calculators he created exclusively through his Web site.
Those interested in sending in precious metals for appraisal have the option of sending in their items through FedEx with insurance starting at one thousand dollars. Paying 70% of the New York Stock Exchange, one of the highest rates for precious metals, many customers leave his store nothing less than ecstatic. In addition to offering one of the highest returns to sellers and educating them on how to determine the value of their items, Nick also provides exceptional service by treating all of his clients like family.
Coupled with his expertise as buyer, Nick is also well versed in the intricacies of processing gold which include melting, pouring, and casting. As a third generation jeweler who got his start in the jewelry industry nineteen years ago, Nick has attained a level of mastery that crosses many fields. As a designer himself, Nick uses his appreciation for jewelry to create one-of-a-kind pieces. Understanding the multitude of tastes that vary from woman to woman has enabled Nick to continually create breathtaking pieces. Whether basic everyday jewelry to extravagant show pieces, all of Nick’s creations have an element of comfort and long-term wearability.
Taking the process of selling gold, silver, platinum, and diamond jewelry to a new simplified level, Nick offers clients the option to host their own “diamond gold party” where those interested in selling can host a party event at their home or office by simply inviting their friends, family, and co-workers—earning 15% commission based on the amount of gold purchased at each event.

For more information on diamond gold parties, pricing, upcoming jewelry collections, and current merchandise, visit and, or call (213) 623-3032. Toluca Lake residents will receive an additional 10% when they visit L.A. Cash for Gold, in Downtown Los Angeles, and sell their gold for cash.

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