Huntington Learning Center Celebrates Mathematics Awareness Month


In honor of Math Awareness Month, Huntington Learning Center in Encino will be distributing a sheet of useful math hints to local middle schools; they are 3-hole punched so that students can keep them at hand in their 3-ring binders.

Students can use these handy tips in preparing for tests because often they overlook what is obvious.

Word problems, for example, may seem simple, yet it is surprising how many students overlook a simple solution. Here’s an example: If you see “plus, added to, sum, combined, more than, total,” you need to do this: ”+.” It’s obvious, yet students often read right past the hints.

The same holds true for Algebra. When working with exponents, “Larger Numbers Get Larger.” A number greater than 1 becomes a greater number when raised to a power greater than 1, for example, 22=4. It seems obvious, but that is what most often throws students on a test, especially a tricky one like the SAT that these students will face in a few years.

The theme of this year’s Mathematics Awareness Month is “Mathematics, Statistics, and the Data Deluge,” to bring to light how mathematics and statistics provide the tools to understand the massive amounts of data collected every day from many different networks, instruments, devices, and other sources. Math helps protect people from the misuse of such data and also is the key to using data sets for numerous business and other opportunities.

For more tips to help students learn math, view Huntington’s parent guide, Helping Your Child Learn Math at the Kindle store.

To learn more about Mathematics Awareness Month, visit

For more information about Huntington Learning Center, please contact Norbert Weinberg, Huntington Learning Center of Encino, (818) 907-5555 or

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