Hypnotherapy Can Be the Difference that Makes the Difference

Trish Ostroski.

Trish Ostroski.

Psst… Sleep with me and WAKE UP your life! That tagline may be a play on words; however, hypnosis is a powerful tool that makes such a difference that you truly “wake up” your life.
Often associated with sleep, hypnosis is in fact a completely safe, heightened state of awareness. Anyone can be hypnotized as long as they are willing, and what a wonderful, enriching process it can be.
My background as a writer helps me to focus on creative ways to both script and work through a process that takes in the individual needs, issues and personality of each client. Working with a piece of the mind—the subconscious mind which is actually the largest part of the mind—the complete process of discussion, analysis and the hypnotic session provides the peace of mind an individual needs.
Uses for hypnosis are as varied as the individual. I have assisted clients to overcome  pain, lose weight, overcome stress, stop smoking, focus on careers, personal and financial goals, overcome fears/phobias and much more.
Recreational and creative pursuits are passions for many. Via the proper hypnotic techniques, my clients have risen to new heights in sports, writing, acting, drawing and painting, and have overcome the stage fright that was preventing them from enjoying some of those special on-stage moments. Hitting the ball better, concentrating on true purposes, and even improving one’s poker game to reap financial rewards—I have had clients accomplish all of these remarkable pursuits.

Trish Ostroski is a certified hypnotherapist, and offers a free phone consultation. Sessions can be conducted in person and for your convenience, over the phone. Free self hypnosis report for all new clients. For more information, call (818) 795-8829 or visit www.hypnosis.edu/hypnotherapists/trish-ostroski.


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