I’m happy to answer this letter because I truly feel it is necessary and urgent


I will answer more of your letters next time.

Dear Kenny:

I have a problem that has been getting bigger and bigger as time goes on. I married Philip three years ago and am definitely very much in love with him. We live in Beverly Hills and adore our home. Philip is repeatedly asking me to start a family, and I’d very much like to, but I desperately want to go to New York and test my ability as an actress.

All through grammar school, high school and college I did plays and was always told that I should continue studying and working so I could become a successful actress. Dialects come very easily to me, and I love acting!

A very prominent theatre director from New York has been visiting our neighbors for an extended period of time. We’ve all had dinner several times and my husband keeps telling the director not to keep encouraging me about New York and about acting. The director is beginning to cast a new play and would like me to audition for him for a very key role.

I can’t think of anything I’d rather do. But I am a devoutly religious person and my commitment to marriage is of course for keeps.

My husband frowns upon the fact that I would even think of going to New York. He says that if we already had children and they were 9 or 10 years old, he could see my going there temporarily to do a play, since we have a full-time housekeeper. We have the funds to have a nanny if we needed one, too, he says.

He’s seen me in many plays and agrees that I am, according to him, “a superb actress.”

But I don’t know what would happen to me if I left home for this brief period of time to pursue a career. I feel strongly that it would spark my interest and I would want to do one play after another.

I know, Kenny, that you surround yourself with celebrated people. I read in one of your books that when you were five or six you were a neighbor in New York to the great First Lady of the American Theatre, Katharine Cornell.

So you, most importantly, would know what I should do, since I myself cannot make up my mind.

Paul, the director, goes back to New York in a little over a week and says he must have my answer soon after that.

I am sure that you receive an enormous amount of letters but I would so appreciate it if you could answer mine as soon as possible. I truly feel it is critical. I will make it a point of going to the Toluca Lake area again to get a copy of The Tolucan, to see if by chance you have answered my letter.

Thank you in advance, Sweet Spirit (I love that title).


Dear Sweet Spirit Renee:

You have some psychic ability yourself. I know very strongly that you feel if you went to New York, even without your having children right now, it would be the closure of your relationship with Philip.

Please meditate very carefully and my suggestion is that you try for a year or two to do some plays locally.

My heart truly goes out to you because I have known in the past many women who have fallen into your category. Think – is it worth the loss of a marriage? Because that is what it would come to if you went to New York, and I believe you know that.

Please – go to a local shop that sells sacred items and purchase a medal of St. Genesius, the patron saint of actors. Have it blessed and hold it while you are doing your meditation and prayers, for guidance.

I sincerely wish you all the best, dear one.

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