I have a couple of interesting letters to share with you this time


Sweet Spirits, so let’s begin. The first letter intrigued me because it is always interesting to hear from someone who followed spirits’ advice, and had great results. I (and the spirit world) appreciate hearing from such people who are obviously grateful for the advice they received.

Dear Kenny:
Did you notice the post mark on my letter? Yes sir, it’s from San Francisco, where you told me to move when I came to your home office nearly a year ago for a private reading.
You told me before I left, to get a green colored non-scented candle and burn it for five minutes at a time to attract better financial success. You told me to visualize things the way I wanted them to be. You probably won’t remember me but I was getting nowhere in my insurance sales career. I had credentials to be a schoolteacher, and you said I should move to the San Francisco Bay area and I’d have success there.
My wife and 12-year-old daughter were against the move because all their friends were in Southern California. But we finally moved, and I now have a wonderful position teaching freshman math at a local high school.
My wife and daughter Patsy are very happy now. They have new friends, and we all feel we truly belong here. I’m so glad I purchased your book “I Still Talk To…” at my reading, too, because it has the candle chart in the back. I’ve used the meditation information with other colors of candles for situations in my life. Thank you, Kenny, for all your help.

-Philip J.

Dear Philip,
I’m so pleased that you’re happy in the city by the Golden Gate. I spent ten glorious years there upon my discharge from the Army, which I may have told you during your reading. I loved every single moment of my life there and only moved to Southern California to further my television career. I foresee many years of happiness for you and your family in my beloved San Francisco and wish you all the best.

Dear Kenny,
I had a weird thing happen recently and wonder if I’m going crazy or have had a psychic experience?
I brought a bottle of shampoo with me into the shower only to realize that I already had one in there. So now there were two bottles there. After the shower, I went into the bedroom and there was the shampoo bottle I’d carried into the shower! I didn’t bring it back out with me! How did it move?
I’ve had a couple of other things move in my home, too. I swear I’m not moving them myself, Kenny. Help!


Dear Sweet Spirit Deidre,
You’re not crazy, dear one. This happens quite often with the spirit world. It’s a way for them to get your attention and attempt to communicate with you. You, and you alone, can help determine what spirit may have been trying to reach you with the shampoo.
For example, was someone you knew, who’s passed on, a hairdresser? Or was the brand of shampoo one that someone in the spirit world used to use? This would be a perfect way for them to identify themselves to you. I feel that one of these two explanations does apply to this situation.
Many times, an object like keys or a coffee cup may move from one location to another. Again, it’s spirit’s way of attracting attention. It’s then up to you to communicate with them and welcome them as long as they’re a good spirit.
You can establish a code with spirits – ask them to rap one time for “yes” and twice for “no,” for example. Then you can ask questions of the spirit and eventually get them to identify themselves.
I had a client once who told me that her telephone kept ringing twice and then stopping before she could answer it. Then it occurred to her – she’d been recently thinking about her Aunt Ruth, who’d passed away. Ruth had been a telephone operator – what better way for her to attempt to identify herself to her niece?
My client said that the next time the phone rang twice and stopped, she said, “Is that you, Aunt Ruth? If so, please knock once. She waited and heard a faint knock on the wall near the phone. She said “Thank you, Aunt Ruth – I love you.” She asked a couple of questions and was able to get answers from Ruth by way of the knocks. She then thanked her aunt. They’ve had several such “conversations” since then.
Do not fear the spirit world, Deidre. Your loved ones would never want to frighten you. They only want to be recognized and to offer their help and guidance. You loved one another when they were on Earth – that love certainly continues now, when they’re on the other side.

Personally handwrite a letter to Kenny, seal and mail it yourself, then look for his answer in a future issue. Send your question to Kenny Kingston, PO Box 1857, Studio City, CA 91614. For more information on Kenny Kingston, visit www.kennykingston.org.

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