I recently decided to end my attempt to transform America’s social problems from the bottom up.


Therefore, I’m planning to write a series of communiqués to the most important man on the planet: the “President of the United States of America.”  In view of that, I will be writing and publishing a series of letters/columns entitled “Dear Mr. President” outlining my main concerns. The following is the second letter in the series…

Dear Mr. President,
I feel it is urgent that we change America’s present drug policy!!! As I’m sure you already realize; the government’s official strategy on drug use has been based on dishonesty. What’s more, this propagation of deceit began way back in 1914 with the passing of the Harrison Act; which first criminalized drug use – as well as addiction. At that time the Harrison Act made millions of law abiding drug Addicted (sick) American citizens into instant criminals. Furthermore, if you look deeply into the reason for the Harrison Act, along with the government’s standpoint on drugs at that time, you’ll find more often than not it was based around “racism…
Currently there are more than a half a million people in American prisons because of drugs. Furthermore, our country has spent hundreds of billions of dollars trying to win the “War on Drugs“. And, I’m sorry to say, we are losing this crucial crusade, battle after battle… More important, Mr. President, the authentic battle is actually with addiction!!!  More to the point, should the billions of dollars spent on the “War on Drugs” be diverted into research, education and rehabilitation? Or should it be spent on more law enforcement and tougher jails? The fact is most drug addicted offenders, if not properly medically treated, return to drugs and often crime soon after their release from prison.
Over the last forty years, the dishonesty about drugs like marijuana, along with the misclassification of these substances has cost America trillions of dollars fighting a war against the wrong drugs – and the wrong enemy! Also, I have discovered the government’s deceit has caused more addiction then it has alleviated… If you don’t believe it, just take a closer look at the DARE program. It again lied to young students about marijuana. And, according to current research: because of the dishonesty in the core curriculum, the program has caused more addiction then it has cured.
Our government actually had the audacity to tell its citizens that they would have deformed babies if they took LSD! In addition, the government claimed if you smoked pot you’d become sterile. Consequently, not knowing the truth about addiction America’s naive adolescents embraced hard drugs as they would marijuana. Looking back, I feel it’s now absolutely apparent that the all-embracing lies, told to my callow generation in the “1960’s”, about the effects and consequences of these drugs more then just facilitated the hard drug hell we find in America at present… They indubitably caused it!
That’s why I feel it is extremely important to separate hard drugs from marijuana. As you must be aware, marijuana, as well as heroin and cocaine are still all classified as “Schedule One” drugs by the federal government. Linking the three together, in the first place, was a grievous mistake, along with the government’s incredible error in lying to the public about the affects of the marijuana.
This is all part of the reason, why today in America we have the most serous drug problem in the world. Simply put, you just can’t lie to kids!!! If they catch you they will never believe anything you tell them again. And like kids everywhere; it seems America’s children had to learn the hard way just how lethal hard drugs, like heroin and cocaine, truly can be.
I believe, revealing the truth about drugs and their affects can not harm anyone. However, by the same token, conveying lies about drug use does hurt countless people!!! Starting with our own children…

Always yours,
Kevin P. McKenna
Executive Director IDEAS

Kevin McKenna is social/behavioral scientist, as well as a filmmaker/writer, and the Executive Director of IDEAS (Investigative Documentaries Educating American Society), a 501C non-profit corporation. If you have any comments, ideas or need more information please write to IDEAS 1015 W. Clark Suite C. Burbank, CA. 91506 or call him at (818) 588-3047 or E-mail ideasfilm@charter.net.

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