I want to Talk about so much that has happened since David and I returned from New York


And about NYC surprises that elevated our visit. And then there’s sorrow at the loss of Art.

ART’S DELI: My love and support to the family and friends of Art Ginsberg, who was known for his kindness, supreme generosity, and of course, his sandwiches which were known as “A work of Art!”

Besides being a long-standing meeting and eating place for my entire adult life, Art himself was unforgettable.

Tommy Lasorda gazes proudly at Adam and Sheri Lawrence. Sheri just sent a strike over home plate, throwing the First Pitch at a recent Dodger winning game.

Tommy Lasorda gazes proudly at Adam and Sheri Lawrence. Sheri just sent a strike over home plate, throwing the First Pitch at a recent Dodger winning game.

I remember the huge KCET Live Auctions, when Public Television came to LA, Art was backstage serving up his deli to the volunteers. And every blessed day that I worked on The Doris Day Show, Doris brought in a truckload of various “works of Art” for the cast and crew to eat when work allowed (No limit, talk about temptation) … and that’s why we went to work at noon, because we never stopped for lunch. ART, you are legendary and your deli in Studio City will still be the “go to” place that it’s always been. Much love and thanks for the great goodness you brought to so many.

THE SAG-AFTRA ELECTION: I’m hopping on my soapbox. The ballots are now in the hands of the members, many who reside in this media district. A very, very important election, the first for the new union, and those chosen will guide the direction and the tone of this new and powerful union. I’m glad that Ken Howard is running again for President, wanting to finish the job he started. Neighborhood Candidates (for official positions) that I strongly support are Clyde Kusatsu (for LA Local President), Susan Boyd, Jenny O’Hara, and Amy Aquino. And lots of us are running for Board and Convention seats. Yes, I am running; no, I’m not on a slate. If anyone wants to vote for me, I’m #143 for the National Board, and #309 for Convention Delegate. I do admire the Unite4Strength slate. I suggest a Google to learn how fine this group is. Sometimes we tend to vote for the most familiar names, but let’s take care and study who brought this union together … And who fought against it?

SHERI LAWRENCE, DODGER PITCHER: The privilege of throwing out the first pitch, for her much loved Dodgers, was a most joyful moment for our daughter-in-law Sheri Lawrence. That it was a strike (!) was over the moon. Her friends and family filled a section of Dodger Stadium and her proud husband Adam, with his guide dog Escort, were on the field to cheer her achievement. They were treated like sports royalty, spent some quality time with Tommy Lasorda, and sat in dugout seats, with full access to the Dodger Restaurant and the multiple goodies that come with it. A very great family day and the Dodgers won the game, most likely inspired by Sheri.

CAROL BURNETT: An evening with Carol, doing an Evening at the Television Academy, demonstrating why she is such an amazing star. A consummate entertainer, Carol told stories of her early days, current life, and her thrilling experience of doing The Carol Burnett Show. Kristin Chenoweth asked the questions, a big fan herself, and Carol took flight and let us know about her ushering humiliations, how she is a happy homebody in Santa Barbara, and the endless love and laughter her variety show brought to her. Personally, it was so great working on her show, and playing at her parties. Carol is truly one of the great ladies in show business!

A FOLLOW UP ON THE GIRLS IN THE BAND: Judy Chaikin’s award winning Documentary, as I write, just completed its seventh straight weekend at the Laemmle in Pasadena. If I find out they are returning, before my deadline, I’ll let you know!

BREAKING NEWS: Yes! Eighth weekend, Aug. 3 & 4 @ 11 a.m.

NEW YORK SURPRISES: Early in our visit, Loretta Swit insisted we leave our hotel and stay at her wonderful apartment at the Phillips Club; this was a very great surprise and we could spend time with her precious and tiny Yorkie, Munchkin. Then Richard Skipper hosted a special tribute evening at the Metropolitan Room for my very self, and raised funds for Actors and Others for Animals. Very dazzling, touching, with wonderful fans that made it one of the highlights of the trip … maybe my life?

We’ll Talk….

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