I want to talk about some buzz happening in our community and in our house


Creativity is abounding and I’d like to shed a spotlight on a friend close to home, Bob Mackie, and young Toluca Lake residents Jennifer Eckstein and Chris M. Allport.

Bob Mackie

Bob Mackie: Legendary costume designer and star of upcoming reality show, “Make Me a Costume Designer.”

Bob Mackie has been hanging at our house and not just for fun. Truly, no one is as much fun as Bob, but his visits are business. David has put his Writer/Producer hat back on and he and Bob are well into a project. A reality show, with Bob as star, expert, and mentor to future Costume Designers competing to become another Mackie. It’s full of show biz icons, entertainment and new talent waiting for their big opportunity in show business. Very exciting!

This tickles me. One – because it’s such a fun and glamorous show. Two – because David had mocked my vapid and shallow curiosity in a few of my reality favorites. Then, he actually got hooked a tad and “Top Chef” is a highlight of our TiVo life. So now, after serious meetings with Bob, the new show, “Make Me a Costume Designer” has taken wings and is circling for an appropriate landing place.

Everybody knows Bob Mackie, but for the few who were looking the other way for decades, here’s a heads up. Bob has won nine Emmy® Awards, twice nominated for an Oscar®, and is the only Costume Designer ever to be inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame. For ten years, “The Carol Burnett Show” was lifted by his costumes that were adored by Carol, audiences and critics. Often, Bob’s costumes were the big payoff for the jokes. The famous curtain rod dress from the take off of “Gone With the Wind” brought one of the biggest laughs in TV history, and is now in the Smithsonian. Since then, Bob has dressed Cher, Mitzi Gaynor, Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Pink, and a legion of legends. And he’s still at it, currently working on an upcoming Broadway Musical.

So I get to be the craft service coordinator for the meetings at my house, while sticking in my two cents about the new show! I’ll keep you informed on details.

David Lawrence, of the Tolucan Times “Lawrence and Lawrence,” and my spouse of nearly seven years, is getting the itch. He has an impressive history as a Producer and is a Past President of the TV Academy. We’ll be Emmy Awards bound for both the Craft and Prime Time Emmys. And, coincidently, working in production on the Emmys is Tina Cannizzaro DeBone, who is a key player for the new Bob Mackie reality show. So, as the world is growing smaller, our lives are getting busier.

Jennifer Eckstein: Toluca Lake’s Jenny is the artistically, and personally, magical half of Milo +McLean, artistic consultants of high experience and background, and also zany tipsters of local happenings that are art related and “cool to do.” Their website is a must, it’s just a joy to see what two friends, entrepreneurial and above the bar, can offer folks like you and me. Weave through: milomclean.com and get up to date and, quote “Milo and McLean are experienced guides to the Byzantine ways of the art world. With a shrewd eye for art and a head for valuation, they are a collector’s best friend.” Michael Cannell, Publisher, thedesignvote. They are having a show, Unleash the Beast, a group exhibition of contemporary animal-themed work at the Arena 1 Gallery, 3026 Airport Avenue, in Santa Monica. A portion of the sales are appropriately going to The Wildlife Waystation. September 4 – October 2, 2010. OPENING RECEPTION: Saturday, September 11, 6pm – 9pm. See you there?

Busy and bazazzy, Tolucan’s on parade.

We’ll talk.

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